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K W  Media: computer or digital art
S W  Country: Germany Birthyear: 1973 Media: mixed media Style: other, Intuitiv Subjects: other, Intuitiv
Bernd WachtmeisterBiography: 1964 - born in Leverkusen - - - 1983 - Examination (school-leaving) - - 1986-1991 - Study of visual communication at FH Cologne (FB Design) among the professors Heinz Baehr and Hans Buschfeld with excellent examination to Dipl. Designer 1989 - Successful participation in organization competitions: 1. Design-Price by the telegram organization competition of the German Telekom (Bonn). 2. Price by the poster competition/Community of Property Light (Darmstadt) - - since 1990 Free cooperation with advertising and PR agencies, and support/consultation of own customers - - since 1990 Organization of greeting cards and calendars for a publishing house - - 1991 - Single exhibition in the head office of Sparkasse Leverkusen (bank) - - since 2000 - Organization, presentation and selling more freely graphic artworks - - Different exhibition participation in the area Cologne - - 2005 - Founder of two associations within the range art and culture: `menschenmensch ' (Essen) "the network of creative people with social commitment" - `LEVart ' (Leverkusen) Community of Artists, Leverkusen Country: Germany Birthyear: 1964 Galleries: Awards: 1989 - Successful participation in organization competitions: 1. Design-Price by the telegram organization competition of the German Telekom (Bonn). 2. Price by the poster competition/Community of Property Light (Darmstadt) Media: computer or digital art Style: other, Figurativ Subjects: people, portraits and characters
Hubert WackermannBiography: Though born and educated in West Germany, Hubert Wackermann is more than qualified to depict his favorite subject matter: the North American Indian, his natural surroundings and relevant wildlife. He became interested in the North and South American Indians at an early age. Numerous trips to the United States, Canada and Mexico in the early 70's provided opportunities for research. Upon immigration to Canada in 1979, Wackermann lived for a year on the Six Nations Iroquois Reservation in Southern Ontario. After marriage, he and his wife moved to Puerto Rico where the artist studied the Indians of the Caribbean area, the Caribe, and Wackermann produced more than thirty paintings. Hubert Wackermann trained for three years at the George Westermann Printing Office in Braunschweig, West Germany. Fours years of study at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf followed, plus an additional year as a Master Student to gain certification as an art teacher. Wackermann's work is executed in acrylics, gouache, watercolor and oil. He is a master in all medias, with the prime characteristic of his canvases being exquisite detail and the constantly changing hues of nature's colors. Country: USA Birthyear: 1945 Galleries: Yah-Ta-Hey Gallery Miller Gallery Weems Gallery May Gallery Kiva Gallery Rommel Gallery Saks Galleries Whetung Art Center Media: oil Subjects: other, Native Americans in their natural surrounding
George WagnerBiography: As though in a trance, he paints. There is no method to the madness, it's madness in method. The paint is applied to the surface as though by the whim of the paint itself. The paint wants to meet the canvas; it wants to become alive within the fury of color; it wants to become another piece in the texture. As colors being to build, and build, the image forms. It is not because he intended it. It is only because the paint willed it. He is an avatar for some distant muse toying with the colorful reality behind the artist's eyes. This is just one aspect to the man, the painter, the style: George Wagner. One reason is because there is no one style, nor one man present. It is a constantly changing surface, just as his paintings are--living, dreaming, striving, and evolving. In this exhibit one can see a plethora of images and each one not quite like the next. Not only in it's form, or it's color, but also in its creation. He is never satisfied with one route, one way of doing things. There is no one truth, no universal mode, and no transcendent definition of art. Art is what it made of art, what becomes of it, and what it felt by it. His span of work is a testament to that philosophy. His very skill in painting is living proof of such. George Wagner never had any education or any methodical approach to painting. In fact, his first strokes upon canvas were in experiment, in need for an outlet. He found painting as this source for expression, and through out his life, he has evolved that expression to suit the maturing person within him. There is no one style that can fit him, as long as he lives his works will grow with his own experience. The constantly changing painting which is George Wagner will continue to be layered upon with new paint with each passing experience, and each need to express the feelings created by it. As a young man, he experimented with smooth, carefully blended strokes. As his skill with the brush improved, the paintings became much more abstract. Not quite impressionist, yet the smooth forms of traditionalist representation fragmented and exaggerated. His paintings became more profound, and their scope of emotion deeper. With each new step in experimentation his style changed. Often these steps were nothing short of leaps, and the extent of change was violently extreme. This has been his bane in the art world. They seek consistency in style, repetition in form. Yet for an artist this means stagnation, the death of creativity. He... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: United States Birthyear: 1950 Media: acrylic Style: expressionistic Subjects: other, Various

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