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raj v  Country: india Birthyear: 28.1.1984 Galleries: bangalore vishwewarya Awards: karea award in kk Media: other Style: realistic, lve Subjects: landscapes and nature, indian
BITA VAKILIBiography: Bita Vakili Born: 1973 -Tehran-Iran Member of Society of Iranian Painters. Member os Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts. Country: Iran Birthyear: 1973 Galleries: Individual Exhibitions: 2001-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2002-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2005-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran Group Exhibitions: 1992-Azad Art University-Tehran-Iran 1994-Jamshidiyeh Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 1994-Manifestation of Feeling -Niavaran Creation Foundation -Tehran-Iran 1995-Export Promotion Center of Iran-Permanet Fair Ground Tehran-Iran 1996-Manifestation of Feeling-Niavaran Creation Foundation- Tehran-Iran 1998-Jamshidiyeh Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2000-Haft Samar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2000-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2001-The Selection of Contemporary Paintings-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2001-The Celebration of Culture and Art-Shayan hotel-Kish Island-Iran 2001-The House of Iranian Artists- Tehran- Iran 2001-The Exhibition of Visual Arts by Tehran Femail Artists- Niavaran Creation Foundation- Tehran- Iran 2001-Members of the Society of Iranian Painters-Mehregan Exhibition-Sanandaj-Iran 2001-New Experiences Exhibition- Members of the Society of Iranian Painters-The House of Iranian Artists -Tehran-Iran 2001-Members of The Society of Iranian Painters- Bahman Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran 2001-The Exhibition of Paintings by Female Artists from The Society of Iranian Painters-Bahaman Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran 2002-Assar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2002-Aryan Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2002-The Exhibition of Paintings by the Female Artists-Ebnesian Cultural Center-Tehran-Iran 2002-The Exhibition to Support of Bam-Tehran-Iran 2002-Memebers of The Society of The Iranian Painters-Arge Bam-Kerman-Iran 2002-The Celebration of the Aniversary of the society of Iranian Painters-The House of Iranian Artists-Tehran-Iran 2002-Members of the Society of Iranian Painters- Zanjan University-Zanjan-Iran 2002-Iranian Cotemporary Artists- Lazar Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran 2003-Iranian Contemporary Art-Total Arts at Court Yard- Dubai-UAE 2003-The House of Iranian Artists - Tehran-Iran 2003-Beyoud the Art of Illumination: The Contemporary Art of Iran- City Escape Art Gallery- North Vancouver- Canada 2003-The First Annual Exhibition of Iranian Artists Membering the Institude for Promotion of the Visual Arts- Iran 2004-Fatima Art Gallery- Tehran -Iran 2004-Haft Samar Art Gallery- Tehran-Iran 2004-The Selection of Iranian Contemporary Arts Over Three Generation- National Musium of Contemporary Arts- Armenia 2004-Cite' internationale des Arts- Paris-France 2004-Ebnesina Art Gallery-Tehran- Iran 2004-Assar Art Gallery- Tehran-Iran 2004- The First T... to see complete gallery info, click on artist's name then "View database entry" Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: landscapes and nature
Ruthy ValdezBiography: My mission is to plant my seed in the light that a tree flourishes carrying the fruit of love , with leaves of one race, the human race, embracing branches to aid all life and the roots of faith. To open eyes, to the beautiful simplicity of life, amidst the complexity of it and regain the investment in our future, the children. They can change the future but we mold it. My medium is oil pastels on canvas, I use my fingers instead of brushes and my training runs through my veins. Never thought about it, never studied it, but one day, like a raging bull I found myself painting. Capturing moments in time, their essence, their rawness, their sensuality, their harshness and then add a little flair and mix it all up. Country: usa Birthyear: 1975 Media: other, Oil pastels Style: surrealistic Subjects: light and color
Amador VallinaBiography: 1957 born in El Entrego/Asturias in northern Spain 1973 removed to Germany 1975-1983 free theatre work 1978 he started with painting, first worked with different groups of artists, since 1996 working in the own studio in Wiesbaden (Germany) and since 1999 in Sóller/Majorca (Spain) too The paintings all are organic abstract, the most used medium is mixed media, but also oil, acrylic and collages on canvas or wood is used of him. The sculptures are of wood, steel and paper (papier-maché) and sometimes burnt with fire. Country: Spain Birthyear: 1957 Galleries: [artefacto], Wiesbaden (Germany) Pariser Hoftheater, Wiesbaden (Germany) Galerie Gabriele Sauveur, Eppstein (Germany) ArtHouse im Rathaus, Ingelheim (Germany) Wiesweg Galerie, Eltville (Germany) Galerie Schöning, Frankfurt/M. (Germany) Galerie Swayambho, Wiesbaden (Germany) kunst.verladehalle, Rüsselsheim (Germany) Kaus & Meyer, Dreieich (Germany) Galería Can Puig, Sóller/Majorca (Spain) Kunstverein, Essenheim (Germany) Can Perlus, Sóller/Majorca (Spain) Flassaders, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) Galerie Busch, Munich (Germany) Casa de Artes - La Galería, Cas Concos/Majorca (Spain) - Can Gelabert, Binissalem/Majorca (Spain) - Es Tall, Sóller/Majorca (Spain) - The Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale/Shetland Islands (Scotland) Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: light and color
Lori Vallis WepplerBiography: Canadian artist Lori Vallis Weppler. My works evolve mainly as reminders of where I've been in life — on the journey ... inspirations, experiences, yearnings, people ... it could be the way the light falls on the teaspoon left behind on the saucer on Sunday afternoon; or, one of the most earth-shattering emotional connections experienced yet — laid out in swirling, wafting colours; or, that nifty leftover stone foundation exuding memories long past in the middle of an abandoned field... all of it is impressed and could be the next work on the easel. I wish I had the time to paint everything. Country: Canada Birthyear: 1968 Awards: Local juried exhibitions. Media: mixed media Style: spiritual Subjects: other, life

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