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Pietro UguagliatiBiography: BIOGRAPHY Pietro Uguagliati was born in Padua on November 26, 1945. He lives and works in Padua. He approached painting as a self-taught painter, tending towards the modern figurative style, realized with such techniques as: oil, charcoal and china. He held and took part in several personal and collective exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. Among the most recent ones we mention: personal exhibitions in Venice, Padua, Belluno, Bologna; and abroad in Brunnen and Zurich in Switzerland. Exhibi-tion of Garibaldi's Centenary;Meeting "Amici dell'Arte e del Pattino"; 1986 - "Confronti".Villa Contarini Simes; 1987 - personal exhibition at "Villa Valmarana"; 1988 - "Confronti". Villa Contarini . Among the collective ones and the competitions we recall those held in Venice, Padua, Sottomarina, Polpet and the International Kunst in Switzerland. He took part in several reviews, winning prizes and recognitions: Nomination for Academician of the Tiber and Member of the Union Legion d'Oro; Certificate of Esteem from the North West University London; Diploma of Esteem from the Mayor of the City of Ponte San Nicolo; Participation to the 2nd Edition of the International Jubilee of Peace, Rome; Nomination for Academician of Merit, "The World of Jnana Sadhar”, India. Among the prizes: Milan City Prize, Cenacolo della Simpatia; Holy Year Prize 1983. Catalogue of Sacred Art "Viva"; GoldenTarget Prize 1984;Prize in Campidoglio;Prize "La Lizza d'Oro" 1984-Anthology "Panorama Poetico Oggi";Cultural Prize "Hermes"; International Prize for Peace-Campidoglio 1985; 1986-Golden Target- Fine Arts Gran Prix - State Art Manifestation, with the collaboration of Fabbri Publishers; Golden Target of the Prize "Portus Veneris - L'Arte Italiana" City of Porto Venere. La Spezia; 5th Artistic Literary Prize "La Lizza d'Oro", Marina di Carrara; Biennal of Art of Venice, Excelsior Hotel, The Lido; Biennal of Art of La Spezia; Golden Target " I Maestri del colore - Grandi Artisti dal '47 all' 87". Daily newspapers have written about him: II Corriere Laziale; La Notte; Corriere di Roma; II Pattino -1 Poeti del Club; II Gazzettino; II Pattino n° 8. EXHIBITIONS He is mentioned in several publications and Art catalogues: 300 Consigli utili per II collezionista; L'Elite Italian Art Edition 1984; Mondial Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Artists; Comanducci;Catalogue Biennial of Art; International Catalogue of Contemporary Artists "La Bitt... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Media: oil Style: impressionistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
Wojciech £ ukiañski Country: Poland Birthyear: 1983 Media: sculpture Style: abstract
Igor Joseph UlanovskyBiography: Was born in 1956 , Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Education: 1983-1984 Studied at External State University of Arts (Alexander Egorov's studio), Moscow, Russia. Experience: 1994 Repatriation to Israel. 1999 Work selected for “The Art Millennium Collection”, The Hague, The Netherlands. 1999 Chosen for “2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century” Encyclopedia, IBC, Cambridge, UK. Membership: 1998 The Renaissance 2001 International Art Group,Tokyo, Japan. 2000 The S.P.A.C.E. Artistic Community, Boston, MA, USA. 2000 The 218 ac Artistic Community, Piacenza, Italy. Exhibitions: 1984 Group exhibition in Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia. 1991 Exhibition with Andranik Petrosyan, The Yerevan Youth Palace, Armenia. 1996 Group exhibition "Jaffa Nights", Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. Group exhibition, Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 1997 Solo exhibition, The Central House of Artists (CHA), Moscow, Russia - the first personal exhibition of an Israeli artist at the CHA. Group exhibition, City Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 1998 "Menorah” exhibition, The Vine Gallery, Louisville, KY, USA. Group exhibition "State of the Art's 98", Florence Events Center, Florence, OR, USA. 1999 Selections from The Vine Gallery, The Artists Theatre of Louisville Gallery, KY, USA MAC 21 International Contemporary Art Fair and Art-e-mail, Exhibition Center Sur, Malaga, Spain. First International Internet Festival, Celtica Gallery, Edinburgh, UK. “The Renaissance 2001” group exhibition, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy. "Incontro al Mondo" exhibition, Sole Gallery, Piacenza, Italy. 2000 Personal exhibition, Jewish Community Center, Louisville, KY, USA. "OldMail 1999/NewMail 2000" exhibition, The 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, FL, USA. "1/2000" exhibition, College Jacques-Cartier, Chauny, France. "How Both Men and Women View Women", Scollan Square Gallery, City Hall, Boston, MA, USA. Personal exhibition, The 218 ac Artistic Community, Piacenza, Italy. " Seeds" exhibition, Shomeido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. "Jewish Moscow", Club of The Jewish Agency for Israel, Moscow, Russia. Second International Internet Festival, Celtica Gallery, Edinburgh, UK. Akiruno Art Festival, Tokyo, Japan. Gilardi Prize,Gilardi Museum, Querceta, Ceravezza, Italy. "Bit by Bit Digital", The Business of Art Center, Manitou Springs, CO, USA. Country: Israel Birthyear: 1956 Galleries: Gilardi Museum,Querceta,Italy; College Jacques-Cartier,Chauny,France; Sottopiano Beaux-Arts,Cagliari,Italy; Project Mind Foundation, Jerusalem,Israel; Machanaim Religious Union,Jerusalem,Israel; Institute of Axiological Research,Vienna,Austria and private collections in Israel, Italy, Russia, Japan, USA, India, Armenia. Awards: 1998 The Web Art Museum Award for the Best Art, Hawaii, USA. 1999 Honorary Member of the Institute of Axiological Research, Vienna, Austria. 1999 Jewel of the Web Award of International Association of Web-Masters and Designers. 2000 Award of Merit, 9th Annual Cover Art Competition, Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY, USA. 2000 Editor's Choice Award , The International Library of Poetry,Owings Mills, MD, USA. 2000 For Outstanding Artistic Achievement, "Herstory" competition, Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY, USA. Media: oil Style: other, Conceptual Jewish Fine Art (J-Art). Subjects: other, Bible,Jewish Life and Jewish Legacy
Damaris Umaña  Country: Costa Rica Birthyear: 28/01/67 Media: oil Style: surrealistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
Suzanne UrashBiography: I was born in Scranton, PA and moved to Tampa, Florida in 1992. I began painting in 2001 under the instruction of Vivian Bowman, St. Petersburg, FL. I have attended several courses in photography, sculpture, and drawing from local arts centers including Artists Unlimited in Tampa and The Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL. My original style as an emerging artist was to paint what is real based on what I can see, touch and feel. I have developed a style of painting that gives me the comfort of re-creating reality with the challenge of adding impressionism. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects with no preference towards one or the other. I am pursing new aspirations in expressionism and abstract art. Together with my original passion for realism and impressionism, I feel that I will bring my individual style and diversity to those who love the arts. Country: USA Birthyear: 1965 Galleries: 2002 * Key Lime Galleries, St. Petersburg, FL * Private Exhibit, Tampa Florida, 5 paintings sold 2003 * “Art Pros Group”, Tampa City Center, Tampa, FL * “Art & Architecture” Tampa City Center Exhibit by the Art Pros Group, Tampa, FL * “The Taste of Wine” exhibit, JJ Watts Gallery, St. Petersburg 2004 * Progress Energy Art Gallery, New Port Richey, FL – Solo Exhibit Reserved in April 2004 Media: oil Style: realistic Subjects: cityscapes

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