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Alan RabinowitzBiography: Alan Rabinowitz creates professional photorealistic illustration for packaging, advertising, book covers and games for many top tier corporations. He has been a Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustrator since 1991 after graduating Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA. His first job right out of school was for Marvel Comics Conan Magazines. After studying the Riley Method of Art for another 8 years he has developed into a portrait artist, as well as an illustrator. His work has also been completed digitally through the use of 3D and Photo Computer applications. Currently Alan is working on several game and Book Illustrations for several of his consistent clients. Country: US Birthyear: 1969 Galleries: Media: oil Style: photo-realistic Subjects: other, All
doriana radaBiography: i like to express myself feeling any interior voice,that come from other dimensions,only in this way i can create my world of art,.. Country: albania Birthyear: 1985 Galleries: durres art gallery Media: oil Style: spiritual Subjects: other
Thomas RadcliffeBiography: My painting style is realistic impressionism. I mostly paint in watercolors and love color. I have been painting and drawing since my earliest memories and studied art in public schools then attending the School of Practical Art in Boston, MA after graduation. I worked as an illustrator but always kept painting on my own. My subject matter is tranquil affording myself and the viewer a respite from the tension and hectic pace of this age. I love to paint the New England scene in all seasons showing the many areas that surround us. I am trying to show that beauty and serentity still exists and can be seen around us, if we would take the time to look. Country: U.S.A. Birthyear: 1946 Galleries: Mystic Art Association Gallery, Mellea's Winery GAllery, Windsor Paint Center Gallery, Grove Street Gallery, Nichol's College Gallery. Awards: 3 First Place Awards at the Woodstock Art Show Media: watercolor Style: realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
ZDENKO RADOVANICBiography: Graduated in Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. Graduated in College of drawing and painting in Zagreb, Croatia ...“I am an artist living and studying nature accurately and comprehensively, realizing that all great truths are simple and universal, without borders and time. Everything has a deep core of sensation, a deep core logic, and immense wealth. When the mind is sorted on the basis of such experiences, attempted synthesis of drawing, it is simply going and instinctively. Is taking place to develop some kind of stock, regardless of whether through forms or by color, at a time speaks about something which I think I should say. Is it invisible and visible, it's hard to say. In fact, it is my preference. I'm not broken. I have found and reached the authenticity of which can survive as an artist and human being. There is no other way.” Country: Croatia Birthyear: 1967 Galleries: Stancic Gallery, Zagreb The Ryder Gallery, Los Angeles Gallery Amadeus, Osijek Herman Pecaric Gallery, Piran Galeria D'arte pittore, Milan Galerie Civil Kozossegek Haza, Pecs Künstlerhaus, Bretten Events Gallery, Zagreb MCKissic Museum, Columbia Aras Gallery, Ravensburg Ichisan Gallery, Tokyo Galerie d'art Barzacchi, Paris Forum Gallery, Zagreb Mimara Museum, Zagreb Revolution's Annual Art, Taiwan First Biennial Exhibition, Fiji Gallery of Modern Art, Budva Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts, Novi Sad Balkan Peace Project Foundation, Haarlem Galeria Poliedro, Trieste Cordignano, Italy Collegium artisticum, Sarajevo Kunsthal Hof, Almelo Centro culturale di Rocca Borromeo Anger, Anger Gallerie Aras, Saulgau Gezira Art Center, Cairo Galerie Korotan, Dunaj . . . Awards: Painting Prize, the Premio Internazionale Michetti, Francavilla al mare Exhibition of Small Sizes, Chietti Premium purchase award, ex-tempore Piran Premium prize, Magazine "Blue Swallow", Zagreb Praise of Academy Council, Zagreb Media: oil, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Drawing Style: symbolic, contemporary, post modernism Subjects: people, portraits and characters, shadows, blank figures
Krzysztof RadziewiczBiography: Krzysztof Radziewicz was born in warsaw 6 november 1950 year. He is graduate of theatrical technique secondary school. He was student of professor Irena Lorentowicz, professor Stefan Lisowski and professor Kazimierz ¯ywuszko. From 1969 year He works in plastic theatrical studios and in studios of preservation of antiques. From over ten years He works as a modelator in Polish Theater in Warsaw. He cooperates with many Warsaw galleries. Paintings are placed in private collections not only in Poland, but also in United States, Germany and Japan. Creations are inspired by landscape, architecture, human form and musical work. As an example of a Rock music fascination are cycles dedicated Rolling Stones, Jimmi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Earliest paintings from 70's and 80's were based on XIX century art, some were influenced by impressionistic colours. In 90's there was created compositions with distinctly visible structure, ascetic drawing and poor in colors. Country: Poland Birthyear: 1950.11.06 Media: acrylic Style: abstract Subjects: light and color

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