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Bashkim QerimiBiography: I am from Macedonia.I finished my studies at the University of Prishtina, Prishtina. I still live in Kumanova, Macedonia where I am working on my career. I have taken part in many exhibitions since 1995 both in Macedonia and abroad. Solo Exhibitions and Performances : 1996 - Kumanovo -"graphics and apint" 2001 - Skopje 2002- Prishtina 2004- Kumanovo Collectives Exhibitions and Performances : manny group exebition in macedonia and all around art kolony: 1999 internacional kolony - Mavrovo 2000 internacional kolony Kicevo 2000 Graphick workshop on monotipy teknics - Skopje by Prof.Haxiboskov 2002 art karavan : "art" 2002 internacional art kolony - Ohrid 2002 internacional art kolony - Debar 2003 -internacional art kolony Debar 2003 - internacional art kolony Kicevo 2004 - internacional art kolony Karpino - Kumanovo 2004 - Internacional Country: macedonia Birthyear: 20.04.1969 Media: oil
Tony QuachBiography: Integration of architecture & CG art.
Thomm QuackenbushBiography: A free serialized novel by Thomm Quackenbush about Shane, a girl who is falling through the cracks in reality. First book in the Fates series. Country: USA Birthyear: 1980 Galleries: Not published physically yet, receiving lots of internet attention. Awards: None yet. Media: written word Style: mystical Subjects: people, portraits and characters
zahra QuaidBiography: Painting is a transition between my imagination and the creativity, which inspires me to evaluate the sense of another life that i have within ME. Country: pakistan Birthyear: 1982 Galleries: V.M Art Gallery (group exhibition) Karachi Art exhibition at ALLIANCE FRANCIASE (group exhibition) Media: drawing, oil,pastels,charcoal and ink Style: surrealistic, cubistic Subjects: other, figurative
lucille. Quigley Biography: I I have been painting since the age of three, i realised at that early age,Iwas gifted. I started off simple cartoon drawings. Being quite poor young in my teens, with two small children I REALISED i had to turn my skills into money I painted wildlife, sceneries , of which were some of my best work .locals in the village were i lived bought my work and tourists. I know some of my paintings are in England, jerusalem , scotland, ireland. I sold them all very cheap for originals . i painted the odd portrait they were all in oils. I Showed my work at only one exhibition it was at the giants causeway. My mother always described me as an impressionist painter. due to ill heath i dont paint as much , although in my manic depressive illnes i have produced some exellent work. l have dnated some of my sceneries to the hospitals where ive stayed and to the hospice where my mother died. my mother was an unknown artist and my grand father was an artist. I in recent years started painting in acrylic and have painted more scenes i do what i call modern art as well bright colours ,inot known as afamous artist, i class myself famous as i can do it. Country: Ireland Birthyear: 1961 Galleries: Giants causeway Exhibition Style: impressionistic Subjects: landscapes and nature

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