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Pia N8sheimBiography: Pia N8sheim is a German artist, focusing on digital art. Her intercultural painting focuses on the warm, mystical, surreal and magic art. Pia's art works convey a warm mystical feeling, often depicting surreal or and dream- like landscapes. Her sources of inspiration range from music to observing nature and social dialogue. The resulting art seeks to reflect different angles of these current events, often evoking responses and feedback from the audience. Pia hopes to evoke new trains of thought in the viewer, triggering emotions and dream, obtaining surreal image landscapes. Pia Nachtsheim typically expresses her art through mixed media, comprising digital works and paintings. She uses Adobe Illustrator, oil, pastels, watercolours, silk painting, and mixed media digital art. She enjoys juggling computer screens with silk screens, pixels with water colours. Pia combines her acrylic painting and her photography with digital programmes to achieve a new dimension of luminosity. In addition to various shows in Germany, she has participated in a a large number if international exhibitions, including ARTE Expo Madrid in (Spain, 2003), Biennale Dell ARTE Firenze (Italy, 2003), ART Festival OMMA (Italy, 2004) and at the Gallery Chania Crete (Greece, year). Currently, Pia is completing a media creator course at ZOOM Medienakademie, Germany. Pia lives and works in the picturesque historic town of Lahnstein, nestled between the valleys of the river Rhine and the Westerwald forests in the Palatinate, mid-western Germany. She has been pursuing her art for more than 25 years and is self-taught. For many years, she has been producing artisan craftwork and art. She sells her products both directly as well as through galleries. She is an active teacher, directing workshops for silk and screen painting. Pia also brings other peoples vision and ideas into life as a free lance web designer. Country: Germany Birthyear: 1960 Galleries: Style: surrealistic Subjects: light and color
nabil  Media: other Style: other Subjects: other
Farhad Nabipour  Country: New Zealand Media: computer or digital art
Pia NachtsheimBiography: Pia Nachtsheim is a German artist of mixed media digital art Main point of her intercultural painting the art is warm mystic, surreal and magic. " Born in the history landmark town of Lahnstein , between the valleys of Eifel, Hunsrück, Taunus and Westerwald in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. She also currently resides there. She is to see with their works. Mai und Juni 2005 PALM AWARD EXHIBITION 2005 Leipzig Germany 2004 Chania Kreta OMMA Gallery 2003 Biennale Dell Arte Firenze Italy Country: Germany Galleries: Awards: Media: computer or digital art, Surrealistic Style: photo-realistic, Expressionistic Subjects: landscapes and nature, Mixed Media
shaista nadaf Country: india Birthyear: 1977, oil pastel Style: abstract Subjects: light and color

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