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James H.Hart Biography: Photos are mysterious to the mind, yet too obvious to one's eyes. I believe ideas are meant to be exchanged in order to foster collaborative work. On many occasions, I think of Photography as a time capsule, that brings one's memory up to the present and reinvigorate our passion in life's experiences. As an artist, who views color and form the same as air and water-the essential ingredients for life, my dedication to visual communication will flourish in vibrant fresh ideas. At present, I am working in Toronto as a layout designer and photographer to create projects based on originality and precision. Country: CANADA Birthyear: 1976 Media: photography Style: other, I shoot what my mind sees Subjects: other, Every aspect of life
KAMARUDEEN HABIB Biography: KAMARUDEEN HABIB(RAZDEEN) Kamal(razdeen)was born in Accra, Ghana where he received his basic education. His talent in art was evident at an early age and he specialized in it on completing his basic education. He studied visual art up to school certificate, Advanced Level. After that he had three years practical work in painting and became majored in painting. He works mostly in acrylic paints, oil paints, and water colours. His styles ranges from realistic rendering, portraits, semi-abstract to abstract figures. Country: GHANA Birthyear: 15-06-1979 Media: acrylic Style: other, Realistic, Photo-Rrealistic, Abstract Subjects: people, portraits and characters
J Hach. hartBiography: As an artist, who views color and form the same as air and water -the essential ingredients for life, my dedication to visual communication will flourish in vibrant fresh ideas.My dedication to Photography will flourish in a splash! of vibrant fresh ideas, because one's enjoyment in the creative process is infinite. At present, I am working in Toronto as a freelance designer to develop and execute concepts based on originality and precision. I am interested in utilizing my skills in design and in marketing to develop dynamic, effective and outstanding creative solutions. Ah, yes and you're welcome to exploit my artistic potentials. Here is how you can reach me in Toronto at: 416~650~2869 or by email:, Samples on the web are showcase at: Country: Canada Birthyear: 1978 Galleries: York University annual, Eco festivel, 2002 Media: photography, Digital Art, Illustrations and an idea Style: symbolic, see what the mind envisions Subjects: people, portraits and characters, everything underthe sun,,,,,
Elizabeth HackBiography: The paintings of artist Elizabeth Hack have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions at galleries throughout California, including the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara; the University of California in Berkeley at the ASUC Studio and the Heller Gallery; the Commonwealth Club Gallery in San Francisco; the Hayward Arts Council Gallery in Hayward; Gloria Delson Fine Art; the Soolip Gallery in West Hollywood; the Berkeley Art Center Gallery in Berkeley; Carol Dabb Fine Art; the Ashkenazy Gallery in Los Angeles; and the Orlando Gallery in Sherman Oaks. ARTIST STATEMENT My work consists of inner landscapes. Adding paint and ink to the canvas or paper, I feel the fire or the sea -- or perhaps the green meadow. Excavating through the composition, my paintings express energy and spirit. Process reigns with each stroke as my brush is engulfed by a territory within. Outlining the color with black ink, I continue to go deeper. Finally a painting emerges -- faith that the journery is now complete--the elements merge into one. -- Elizabeth Hack Country: USA Galleries: see above bio Awards: *Award of Distinction, Berkeley Art Center *Critic's Choice, SF Bay Guardian *Golden Web Award,International Association of Web Masters and Designers. Media: acrylic, Ink and acrylic on paper Style: abstract Subjects: landscapes and nature, Also non-objective abstract
Connie HaddoxBiography: I have painted all my life, and find that it is truly therapy for me. Now that my daughters are on their own, I have more time to indulge in my hobbies. I live at the top of a mountain where I enjoy beautiful sunrises and gorgeous sunsets. I share my home with 4 dogs who needed a place to live, and they have pretty much taken over, but I love them. I paint mostly with acrylics because I do like instant gratification. My paintings echo my joy of the rustic way of life. I remember the times I visited my grandpa's farm and ran through the fields and climbed the mountains. My art is a remembrance of my youth, I hope it recalls memories for you. Country: US Birthyear: 1948 Media: acrylic Style: realistic Subjects: other, the side of a barn

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