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Sara G. UmemotoBiography: Sara G. Umemoto was born in Mexico City. She is a self-taught photographer and digital artist who started drawing in childhood and studied painting during 5 years at an Art Academy. In Mexico she participated in academic group expositions and also had her first solo. She studied in Las Americas University in Puebla Mexico. In her academic years, she had interest in graphic design and obtained its diploma in 1995. Before graduated from the University, she had started her professional career as freelance illustrator. In 1996 she moved to Japan. Since then Sara began to explore the digital media with her first digital camera. In 2000 Sara started playing around with Adobe Photoshop in a laptop. In the following years she became increasingly absorbed in the digital art and photography and she had developed her skill participating in international competitions and sharing her digital artworks and photos in public on-line galleries. She is convinced that artworks speak oneself, not by their author. So she does not consider herself to have a certain style, although from a young age she has been influenced by the surrealist movement and later by conceptual art and other styles. She does consider herself a storyteller, who enjoys generating two kind of moods, one colorful and bold, the other melancholic. The latter oscillates between soft and dramatic. Also as a photographer she explores various genres and atmospheres. Digital medium offers her the greatest imaginable freedom to express visual concepts and graphic emotions. Country: Japan Birthyear: 1965 Galleries:, My Art,,, Facebook Awards: * The next is a short list of awards, for see the complete list please visit and download my CV , thank you. ------------------- 2011, "Sumi" Second Prize, Category Digital Enhanced. 2nd Edition B&W Competition (WPGA) 2010, "Fibonacci's Garden" Best In Show Award, Digital Arts Exhibit 2010 Infinity Art Gallery. 2009, "Lesa Humanidad" won First Prize. Contest of the Month and Exhibit at MOCA (Museum of Computer Art) Brooklyn, NY. 2008, Nov. gSumih Second Prize, On-line/On wall Double Exposure Exhibit. MOCA (Museum of Computer Art) Brooklyn, NY. 2007 May. 'Farewell' 9th place. The 2007 Digital Imaging Competition sponsored by Adobe. Category Photo Illustration. July 2006. 'Confession' (photo illustration) 3rd Place. Digital Renaissances Network. Renaissances Contest 2006. 2006, June. 'Holistic' (digital painting) won Artistic Excellence, MCS Creations Award Program. 2006, June. 'Equus' (digital painting). won Artistic Excellence in MCS Creations Award Program. 2006, May. First Prize Photograph: 'Paradise'. Woophy (World of Photography). 2006 Photo competition 'Daily Life on Earth, Money'. 2003. 'Prelude' (Photo illustration) 'Excellent Grand Prize' 9th, Internet International Art Photo Contest (IIAPC) Japan. Media: photography, photomontage, digital painting Style: surrealistic, photo-realistic, conceptual, symbolic, eclectic, post-modern Subjects: people, portraits and characters, traditional japanese art, whimsy, drama, light & color, textures, experimental, mood
popo G5Biography: special in Graphic.Art Pouya Golestaneh member of AIGA-IGDS. Country: iran Birthyear: 1973-iran
yacov gabayBiography: born 1937 in kibbutz yagur israel.1964 accepted by academie des beaux arts paris france,and joined chaplain midi rose atelier.1970 returned to israel and has since given one man shows in tel aviv,jerusalem and haifa. member of the israel association of painters and sculptors. Country: israel Birthyear: 1937 Galleries: perl art gallery tel aviv israel denia gallery haifa israel "13" gallery jhafa israel artexpo 2004 new york usa artexpo 2005 new york usa Awards: 1964 received scholarship from helena rubinstein fund. Media: oil Style: realistic Subjects: still life, interiors,landscapes and nature
Nina GabrielBiography: I Nina Gabriel (Gabrielian) was born on July 14 1957, in Tbilisi, Georgia of the former USSR. At school, along with classical education I took music (piano). It all resulted in learning to appreciate art and science. In 1975 our family moved to Canada, where I continued my education in Psychology at the University in Montreal. In 1987 I moved to California, where I worked in corporate world. I decided to leave corporate world to continue on my studies in Natural Heling, obtaining B.Sc. in Natural Therapies and currently working on Mater’s Degree. As well, I embarked on my artistic and spiritual journey to express philosophies from different cultures in hopes of finding deep harmony in human existence. Country: USA Birthyear: 1957 Media: mixed media Style: abstract
Miro GabrieleBiography: Miro Gabriele lives and works in Rome. Here he has displayed some of his works in “PhotoRomaShow” and in the bookshop “Nuova Europa” in 1996. His photographs were chosen by the Province of Chieti in 1998 for an exhibition on ecology, and have been published on the 1999 calendars of that same province. In November 1999 he held a personal exposition in the gallery Area Domus, in Rome, with the support of the Fotogramma and the Council of Rome. In december 2005 he held, with Enrico Fontolan, the exposition "Roma fino al mare – Rome towards the sea" in the gallery “Acta International” in Rome. Gangemi Editore has published the photographic book "Rome towards the sea", with an introduction by Diego Mormorio. One of his pictures has been selected for the art exhibition “Il giocattolo” (The toy), Palazzo Rospigliosi at Zagarolo Rome, december 2008. Urban landscape is one of his main interests. Country: Italy Birthyear: 1952 Galleries: Area Domus Rome 1999 Acta International Rome 2005 Saatchi Gallery London 2008 Awards: He was one of the winners of the photography competition “Colori dal Mediterraneo” in 2002, organized by Zerynthia, Associazione per l’Arte Contemporanea”. One of his imagines has won the prize "Archeofestival 2006". Media: photography Style: surrealistic, photo-realistic Subjects: cityscapes, still life

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