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P.i.x.l. F.u.x.aBiography: Born in Central Europe, interested in natural sciences, philosophy. Studied applied arts in the 80s. Computer graphics with emphasis on expressing the things beyond since 1997. Metaphysical Realism, Magical Realism, Surrealism. Also Surreal Poetry and stereoscopic photography (true 3D). Country: Switzerland Birthyear: 1954 Galleries: Surrealomania, England Melting Clocks, USA various others Awards: Digital Excellence (1999) Media: computer or digital art Style: surrealistic Subjects: other, Objects and sceneries of Metaphysical Realism
Cocco Carreras FabioBiography: Painter. Stop ! Country: Sardegna Birthyear: 1966 Media: mixed media Style: abstract
jason faesselBiography: A flash across my minds eye,an impression is made ,the process begins.Once lost to the task,passage of time merges and becomes indistinguishable,now I'm really at work,self consciousness has slipped away and conditions are ripe for some worthy painting.In spirited gestures I move around some paint and venture to unforeseen places of my own imagining.Graced with a good day my labors will be rewarded in a magic orchestration and I am grateful. Conjuring the the hidden visceral source of good painting is in this way achieved ,and paradoxically, my strongest conceptions were done out of seeming chaos. Artmaking is a strange investigation,an arcane excavation into the unknown,and in the manifestation of this principle is a kind of revelation.At it's best,abstraction addresses the human spirit and can be understood and felt, if not consciously,through the gut and instinctivly. Part experiential, and part spirit dwellling in nature, it operates quietly and inexorably on the veiwer Country: U.S.A. Birthyear: 4-19-1961 Galleries: Borghi&co. N.Y., Lannon-Cole Gallery Chicago , Sushi gallery/ San Diego Awards: Honorarium/San Diego City Arts Council Media: acrylic Style: abstract Subjects: other
Katarina Fagerstrom LevringBiography: I was born 1965 in Uddevalla, a small town on the west-coast of Sweden. I am a self-taught photographer and mixed media artist. My art can best be described as abstract photo impressionism. I emphasize beauty, mood and feelings rather than illustrating the subject objectively. Otherwise different levels of abstraction is my main interest in my work. My passion is close up, abstract, floral photography. Publications 2013 Who's Who in Visual Art, 100 Fine Art Photographers, Vol 2013-2014 2012 Best of Artists, World Wide Photography Vol.III, Kennedy Publishing , 2012 2012 International Masters of Photography, Volume 1 by publisher World Wide Art Books, late in the Fall 2012. 2011 Photographers Forum, 31st Annual Spring Photography Contest, Best of Photography 2011. Release Date: December 2011 2011 Inspiration Speaks, Vol. 1, by authors ArtPlatform & Jessica Kristie, published by Winter Goose Publishing, 2011 2011 Who's Who in Visual Art, 100 Fine Art Photographers, Vol 2011-2012 2010 Annual PX3 Book No. 04, 2010 Country: Sweden Birthyear: 1965 Galleries: 2012 April 10th -23d April Group Show at Brick Lane Gallery, London, Great Brittain 2011 November 4th - 30 th, 2011 Group show at Marzi Art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany 2010 January 1 12th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition Finalist, 5/5 images accepted, IrisLive is being granted "Special recognition". Jury: Laurence Bradshaw, Professor of Art, University of Nebraska Winter Expo 2010: juried online contest. Finalist, 1/2 images accepted, image called AbstractIris2. April 7 Still Point II. Finalist, 3/3 images accepted in a series called Still Leaving I-III. June 7 Prix De La Photography Paris; Non-Professional; Nature/Flowers. First price, Dancing Iris I. Prix De La Photography Paris; Non-Professional; Nature Flowers. Honorable Mention, Dancing Iris II. "Px3 is juried by top international decision-makers in the photography industry." Awards: 2011: Photographers Forum, 31st Annual Spring Photography Contest, Finalist 2011: August, International Photography Awards 2011:Six Honorable Mentions in four different categories. 2011: June, Prix De La Photography Paris; Non-Professional; Finalist, 6 images nominated to the Official Selection Winner category. 2010: August, Photography Awards 2010: Amateur, One Honorable Mention. 2010: July, Annual Summer All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition, 5/5 accepted, 2 Honorable Mention awards. 2010: June : Prix De La Photography Paris;Non-Professional; Nature/Flowers. First price. Prix De La Photography Paris;Non-Professional; Nature Flowers. Honorable Mention 2010 January : 12th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition, Finalist, 5/5 images accepted, Special recognition for one image. Media: photography Style: abstract, abstract photo impressionism Subjects: other, Floral
Mostafa FahmyBiography: Mostafa Fahmy An Egyptian artist born in Cairo, Egypt... Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, in Cairo... A self- educated painter, depending on my own talents, efforts, experience and most of all my perception of the various conflicting elements in nature which I try to portray through my paintings... The work of arts, either copies of old Masters' paintings or creations of various styles, use all the varieties of medium techniques... The methods used in painting, vary between the classic, impressionism and pinup style... Country: Egypt Media: oil, Watercolor, Pastell, Drawing Style: realistic, Impressionistic, Fantasy, PinUp Subjects: people, portraits and characters, Landscapes and Nature, Still Life, Nude

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