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José Javier CabelloBiography: Born in 1963 (Canary Islands, Spain), began painting in 1998, always trying different styles & media. José Javier Cabello personal exhibit of paintings in various media and styles, most of them in acrylics on canvas Country: Spain Birthyear: 1963 Media: acrylic, watercolour, pastel Style: realistic, Representational Subjects: landscapes and nature
ALEJANDRO CABEZABiography: Alejandro Cabeza (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, 1971) started taking lessons in drawing and painting at age twelve. In 1993 he received his degree in Fine Arts at the San Carlos Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He obtained his first painting award when he was just seventeen. He has participated in several local, national and international painting competitions, in which he has been awarded or selected as finalist. Among his most important honors: “Alex Alemany” City Council Award (Valencia, 1994 and 1995), Army Cultural Center Award (Valencia, 1995), First Biennial of Painting and Sculpture “DIMENS ARTS” (Valencia, 2003). His first individual exhibition 1993 was held at the Fine Arts Circle of Valencia, of which he was member for over ten years. He has had about twenty solo and group exhibitions at the Fine Arts Circle of Valenci 1988. and a solo exhibition at Vicente Blasco Ibáñez House Museum (Valencia, 2004). Among his collective exhibitions: Maritime Athenaeum of Valencia (1990), City Museum (Valencia, 1994), Valencia Opera House (Palau de la Música, 2005). In 2001 the City Council of Valencia published his book Valencian Light, in which was collected one hundred landscapes painted up to that moment. In 2013 is published his book-interview “Painting is human memory and fruit” / Collection Contemporary of the World 29, Series Research on Memory and Judgment, Madrid / Mexico DF, 2013), an extensive interview published within the framework of the prestigious collection Contemporary of the World, where have already been published other interviews answered by several personalities from the world of literature such as Maria Teresa Andruetto, Fernando Sorrentino (Argentina), Froilán Escobar (Cuba / Costa Rica) and Armando José Sequera (Venezuela), among others, as the acclaimed ballerina Alicia Alonso too. Two of his paintings, two separate portraits of writers Alejo Carpentier and Nicolás Guillén, are the heritage of the Cuban people and are on permanent display at the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC). Other works entre which the portrait of the writer Angel Ganivet have gone on to become Finnish heritage institutions and rest in Helsinki. His portrait of the writer Ana Maria Matute is part of the funds of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language and remains exposed in one of the rooms of their headquarters. Country: Spain Birthyear: 18/08/1971 Awards: Media: oil Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
Henri CabocheBiography: Henri Caboche was originally from Mauritius and came to Australia at an early age. He discovered a passion and talent for art in his 40's and decided to take formal lessons. He has progressed from rough sketches to impressive interpretations of the old masters and a multitude of portraits and still-lifes. His pencil sketches are particularly impressive. He is soon to be available for licensing worldwide. Country: Australia Birthyear: 1950 Media: oil Style: realistic Subjects: still life, Portraits and copies of Old Masters
Jeff CabralBiography: Jeff Cabral Artist Statement Although it only made sense to him a few years ago, Jeff Cabral had been cultivating the eye and mind of a painter since childhood. "Suddenly all of the commercial artwork and projects done with teams of creative people just was not enough of an outlet for my creative visions. I paint for mostly selfish reasons I just wanted my work to be totally my own not a compromise and I love it." Emerging artist Jeff Cabral’s recent work has been created as a way of exploring different and often conflicting emotions. Most of the images are based on a theme and a need to have a connection with something greater, a glimpse of hope amidst emotional turmoil. His paintings attempt to reveal the “extraordinary” nature of different colour palates and the movement expressed through his painting techniques, giving his work meaning. For instance, the painting, Winds of Colour, depicts an abstract almost shimmering impression of a landscape that is full of energy and yet also has a stillness conveyed by the stylized wisps of trees along the bottom . “In this painting I captured the feeling of an abstract sky exploding with color and the awe of having witnessed something beautiful” He also has a self confessed 'obsession' with faces and figurative subject matter which he has explored in his new collection of paintings. Biography Jeff Cabral has been involved in the development and distribution of over 30 CD-ROM interactive entertainment titles over the past eight years and 60 projects in total in all areas of interactive and animation media production. A diverse and prolific artist, who works in a variety of mediums, in a world where visuals drive concepts, he has a gift for creating synergies that merge the two. Mr. Cabral has overseen multiple broadcast and interactive projects simultaneously. He is a passionate leader of production teams in the areas of entertainment interactive initiatives and animation. Mr. Cabral's background as an illustrator, 3D-animator, creative director, and producer has provided him with the a unique perspective with which he approaches all of his artwork. Jeff Cabral was born in 1973 in Toronto. In 1993, he graduated from the Seneca College Communication Arts with a with a Diploma in 3D Computer Animation and illustration. He also studied York University B.F.A. (Studio Major) until 1995. He has traveled extensively all over the world both for personal and business. He is also an Honorariu... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Canada Birthyear: 1973 Galleries: Contact Artist Awards: Contact Artist Media: acrylic Style: expressionistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters, Landscape Impressionistic
Paul CadmusBiography: (1905-1999) Figurative and satirical American artist Paul Cadmus first gained fame -- and notoriety -- with his Depression-era "The Fleet's In," a painting roundly denounced by a Navy official as the depiction of "a disreputable drunken brawl" by an artist with a "sordid, depraved imagination." A similar painting, "Sailors and Floozies," stirred up another ruckus when it was exhibited in San Francisco. Other painings -- "Coney Island," (on display at the LACMA) "Subway Symphony," "Venus and Adonis," "Seven Deadly Sins" and "Herrin Massacre," which depicted the slaughter of strike-breaking miners -- helped solidify Cadmus' reputation as the Robert Mapplethorpe of his era. The term "magic realism," a phrase coined in the 1940s to describe meticulous style coupled with fantastic or even surreal narration, was often used to describe Cadmus' painings, which also smacked of Old Masters Renaissance revisionism. Birthyear: 1905 Galleries: <ul> <li>Metropolitan Museum of Art <li>Whitney Museum of American Art <li>Los Angeles County Museum of Art </ul> Media: oil

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