Digital Consciousness News -- Emerging Artists

Ninth Edition, June 2000

Jonathan White is the June Digital Color Artist of the month.
His most prolific works are colored images of city scenes using both conventional photographs and digital special-effects images. Jonathan was educated at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Ca., and at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

His project, The Colors of the Urban Landscape had two starting points. One was in June 1989 in Paris the otherin January 1990 in Manhattan. The results are astounding.

Sweet Magic was the most popular artist this month; he won the Lycos Club public poll:

The following artists have been added to the database. Each of them can be accessed through Digital Consciousness:

In the Renowned Artist category:

  • Martin Johnson Heade (1818-1904) Among nineteenth-century American painters, Martin Johnson Heade was one of the most inventive, versatile, and prolific -- his active career spanned almost seventy years. Between 1871 and 1902, he painted a series of complex compositions that combine hummingbirds and lush tropical flowers, particularly orchids, in landscape settings he had studied on his travels. There are quite simply no other paintings like those known in America or elsewhere.

In the Oils, acrylics and mixed media category:

  • Shuchi Krishan -- Oil paintings of ancient Indian architecture and of the Indian woman. Also of ancient architecture of India and the world.

In the Drawings, Photographs, Enhanced Photos, Animation, and Computer Generations category:

  • Marc Doyle -- Animals, florals, landscapes and more. Originals, art prints and posters by UK artist.
  • Filip Macius -- A digital painter native to Piotrkow, Poland.
  • Carol Tipping -- Practising Astrologer, Liverpool, U.K. Digital Artist "Astro-art".
  • Jonathan White -- the June Digital Color Artist.

In the Sculpture, Authors, and Performance Art category:

  • Vanesa Littlecrow Colon-Ortiz -- interested in light web design tasks and illustration, in addition to mainstream and arts oriented modeling assignments, as well as musical and theatrical performances.

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