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Michael YaconoBiography: Born and raised in New York City. Attended the New York Phoenix School of Design. I managed to sell some portraits to a few "Places". I sold one 18x24 Penciled Portrait of Jimi Hendrix to Electric Ladyland Studio on West 8th Street and another to the Allen Stone Gallery on 86th Street(as a birthday present to "Jimi's X-Lawyer".) Other portraits were sold to a few infamous celebrities who will remain nameless for personal reasons. The portraits were of Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Marilyn Monroe,etc. Then one day, after attending a one hour Silk-screening Seminar sponsored by Ulano Corporation, I began silk-screening Tee Shirts. From there I got into Airbrushing in Daytona Beach. Soon after I began airbrushing Tee Shirts at a Concession Stand in Coney Island that lasted for about 15 years. It was followed by Commercial Window Painting and Wall Murals also in Brooklyn, New York. My interest in computer graphics began with a Commodore Amiga and a Video Project featuring color-cycling animation. The project was entitled "Psychedelic Images the Video Lightshow". Unfortunately, the project got shelved because of a lack of funding. My current effort as a C.G. Artist is entitled "The Hybrid Collection". With several hundred images in the collection thus far, it's proving to be very promising. But, you be the judge.........(smile). Country: United States of America Birthyear: August 19. 1948 Galleries: The work premieres here at Awards: Every night before I go to bed I pat myself on the back....(smile) Media: computer or digital art Style: surrealistic, Surrealistic Abstraction Subjects: other, Absract Facial Expressions with a Surreal Flavor
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