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tarak sharmaBiography: I started drawing from my childhood. I have done my bachelor degree from Jagat Singh Kochari Art College (Assam). I am a self-tutored cartoonist. I published two collections of my cartoons and caricatures, namely, Pratibimba Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. This two books were the first of its kind in Assam. I was the first cartoonist to organise self drawn cartoon and caricatures exhibition. I was awarded by the country's most recognised cartoon competition organised by "The Hindustan Times" (a national daily). Currently I am working as an ART DIRECTOR in a New Delhi-based E-learning company. I love to do water paintings, pencil sketches, oil paintings, clay modeling, etc. I invest most of the time in cartooning and caricaturing. Digital painting by using Illustrator and Photoshop is another area which I enjoy. Give ur comment : Country: india Birthyear: 16 th August Galleries: Guwahati State Art Gallerie Media: oil Style: photo-realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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