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ruth san pietroBiography: Ruth San Pietro is an artist in venice,California and creates one of a kind sculptural paintings. She has a deep concern for the quality of life in the natural world.These paintings are inspired by a heartfelt love of animals & trees. Her art is dedicated to inspiring awareness and protecting endangered wildlife in their fragmented habitats. Through a complex process using photography, clay,plaster and paper fiber Ruth creates sculptural paintings.The most current works focus on Bears, Chimpanzee's and Elephants.The latest painting is a life size orangutan. Ruth's work has been exhibited in 34 juried exhibitions in Museums,Universities, Hospitals and Galleries.Ruth has been commissioned by Orthopaedic Hospital,Santa Monica Hospital,Heal the Bay,Natural History Museum, Museum of Science & Industry, Conservation International and Manhatten Beach Cultural Arts.Her art has been acquired by numerous collectors in both the United States and Europe.Ruth San Pietro is the featured artist in an educational book called "Moment to Moment" by Marion Gartler published by Harcourt,Brace & Yanowitch As an artist she would like to bring change in the world to assist us to live in harmony with the earth and its wildlfe. As stewards of the natural world we must build a sustainable environment based on respect for its wildlife of the ocean,land or sky. Country: usa Birthyear: 5/16/46 Galleries: Eco Station Gallery,Greenpeace gallery,Cultural affaire city hall,Santa Barbara Natural History Museum,Rich reynolds Gallery,Santa Monica Emeritus College, Jon Nicholas gallery,Central Wyoming College,Angels Gate Cultural Center, Awards: manahtten beach Cultural Arts Skirball Museum Santa monica Cultural Affaire Dept Museum of Science & Industry Media: mixed media Style: expressionistic Subjects: animals and wildlife
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