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J&A designsBiography: this is more of a couple's page...i (josh)consider myself a designer more than an artist, however the profesional prints shown in our tables are by an exceptional photographer (aisa)... her prints are some of the best iv'e what we do is i build and frame the tables, we then select stains...then we install the photo's and coaster's into the liquid poured glass....this liquid brings the pictures to is an extremly durable finish(this matierial is primarily used for bar tops--so they are super strong) the pics dont due this table or prints truly is a must see....anyway are goals are to be able to work with artists so they to can have there work in this wonderful way of display.....thanks for the interest in us..... to purchase or ask questions please e-mail us at thanks josh & aisa Country: usa Media: photography, furniture design Style: photo-realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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