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ilene astrahanBiography: i am currently doing computer art using a pentium 4 and windows. i formerly used an amiga. the images are giclees printed on an epson stylus 1270. my work has been featured in several computer art magazines. while i listed my work as "visionary" my subjects embrace cityscapes, fractal geometry, color and light explorations, and portraits. i have been recently been working with the symbolism of the eye. i have had exhibitions of my magic realist paintings in nyc and london. i also have been making jewelry for most of my life. Country: usa Birthyear: 1932 Galleries: other artworks of mine have been shown in group shows at several galleries in america and europe. ABACI gallery of computer art, portland,oregon, galerie shirley, geneva,switzerland are some of them. also, a show at TAI gallery, nyc. paintings have been shown at the Portal gallery, london and a couple of long lost nyc galleries. Awards: 1st prize, "art from the computer" 1989 oakland,ca gold medal for amiga graphics ami-expo,1987 Media: computer or digital art Style: visionary Subjects: fractals, most of the above
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