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franco donaggioBiography: BIOGRAPHY Franco Donaggio was born in Chioggia, a district of Venice, in 1958 and, since 1979, he has been a professional photographer in Milan. In 1992, Donaggio won the "Italian Grand Prix" for his Still Life photography. In 1993, he exhibited in Sain Paul de Vence in France at the "Lilo Marti" Art Gallery with images of research into French fashion coming from the exhibition prepared for 'Sicof 93'. In 1994, Donaggio exhibited for Amnesty International at the "Gallery of credito Valtellinese" in Milan (with the exhibition's intinerant passing through Vicenza, Sondrio,Rome and other Italian cities). Also in this period, the photographer contributed, with one of his images, to the Lanfranco Colombo donation at the Carrara Academy in Bergamo and partecipated in the exhibition of the collection at the same Academy. In 1995 the Autor has exhibited at the "Patrik Vicqueray" Art Gallery in Brussel and at the "Diaframma Kodak Cultura" Gallery in Milan (Italy).. In same year he held a workshop at "Sicof 95" on creativity, with a projection of personal images. In 1996, Donaggio exhibited at the "Civic Museum" in Rovigno (Croatia); at the "Cultural Centre" of Pisino (Croatia);; the "Popular Museum" of Albona (Croatia); the "Civic Museum" of Pinguente (Croatia); the "Melkweg Gallery" of Amsterdam; the "International Exhibition for Advertising Photography" of Seoul; the "French Cultural Centre" Gallery of Palermo (Italy); at the "Agfa Gallery” of Milan (Italy); "Fiaf Space" of Vicenza; the "Vendemini Palace" of Savignano sul Rubicone; at the "City Hall" of Fermignano (Italy). In same year, he won the "Kodak Gold Award" for his creative portrait. In 1997, he exhibited at the "Joel Soroka Gallery" of Aspen; at the "Maison des Arts" of Laon (France); at the "Incontri Professionali Mediterranei" City Hall of Polizzi Generosa (Italy). In 1998, Donaggio has exhibited at the "International exhibition for Photography" of Seoul, at the "Science of the Technique Museum" of Milan (Italy), and at the "Gracco Museum" of Pompei (Italy). In February 2000 exhibited at the "AIPAD show" in New York. In April-May 2000 exhibited at Netillustra Art Gallery. Internet Web Site ( In March 2001 exhibited at the “Modern Art Museum” of Mantova (Italy). Sixteen of Donaggio's images are kept in the "Bibliotheque Nationale de France" in Paris, others at the "Artist Space" and the "Center for Photography at Woodstock" in New York. Many magazine have wri... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: italy Birthyear: 1958 Galleries: Biography Awards: "Kodak Gold Award" for creative portrait. "Italian Gran Prix" still life Media: photography, Digital Photography Style: surrealistic Subjects: other
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