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farnoosh ahmadi shiraziBiography: Memberships Member of society of iranian painters Member of institute for promotion of visual arts Member of Caroun photo club (CPC) Member of The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) 1971 Born in May- Tehran 1986 Started Academic painting at girls school of art 1995 B.A (PAINTING)from Islamic Azad university 2002 started ceramic Country: iran Birthyear: 1971 Galleries: Group Exibittions: 1989 (Painting) Khane Aftab Gallery 1993 2nd painting and miniature exhibition at tehran international permanent fair ground 1993 The2nd biennial painting exibition of iran 1993 (Painting) The first student exhibition(soureh Art Gallery) 1993 (photography) Afarinesh art Gallery 1993 (painting) Neda gallery 1993 Manifestation or feeling(1)-Niavaran cultural center 1993 (painting),Bamdad Gallery 1995 The3rd biennial painting exibition of iran 1995 Manifestation of feeling(2)-Niavaran cultural center 1995 (painting-pottery) Bahman cultural center 1995 (painting) Arye Gallery 1996 (painting-pottery) Bamdad Gallery 1996 Manifestation of feeling(3)- Niavaran cultural center 1996 (painting) khane sureh art Gallery 1996 (painting) Mirror in mirror art festival (Bahman cultural center) 1996 koran exibition(Tehran museum of contemporary art) 1997 (painting) Ebrahimi nejad Gallery 1997 Manifestation of feeling(4)- Niavaran cultural center 1997 The 4th biennial painting exhibition of iran 1998 Manifestation of feeling(5)-Niavaran cultural center 1999 (painting) Tarhe no Gallery 2000 (painting) My country in the year 2000 (world-wide millenium painting competition)- Niavaran cultural center 2001 (painting) Tarahane azad Gallery 2003 (ceramic) Bamdad Gallery 2004 (ceramic) Aban Gallery 2004 (ceramic Installation) Bamdad Gallery 2005 (Painting) Istanbul-Turkey (Cekirdeksanat) 2006 (Painting) Peace(Niavaran cultural center) 2006 (Painting) Homa Art Gallery 2006 (painting) East of imagination-Exhibition of iranian contemporary painters(The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art) 2006 (Painting) An Impressive Representation by 50 Artist- Mah Art Gallery 2006 (Painting) The Fourth International painting Biennial of the Islamic World 2007 (Ceramic) The 8th Contemporary Iranian Ceramic and Glass Biennial 2007 (painting) Comtemporary Artists Exhibition- Ebneh sina cultural center 2007 (Painting) Haftsamar Art Gallery 2007 (painting) Wishes and Dreams-Iran's New Generation Emerges- Meridian International Center Washington,D.C. 2007 (Painting) An Impressive Representation by 50 Artist- Mah Art Gallery 2007 (Ceramic) The First Women's Pottery Exhibition In Iran-Niavaran Cultural Center 2007 (Photography) Second Annual Photography Exhibition- Caroun Photo Club(CPC) Solo Exhibitions: 2005 (Painting) Arya Gallery 2006 (Painting) Hoor Gallery Awards: 1998 Manifestation of feeling (5) 1996 Mirror in Mirror Art Festival Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: landscapes and nature
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