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Glen EtzkornBiography: Artist is the apprentice to the father of colored OP Art. The master color theoretician provided among many things: the double or reverse after-image, simultaneous presence, and identified the nature of the color of white. The above image is a fourth after-image system, perhaps best understood as the first in that the image is from an early pre-Columbian temple. Evidence of this recurrent art form reaches back no less then 4500 years (Garagay temple site located at Lima, Peru) and proceeds to temples sites at the Chavin De Huantar (900 to 200 B.C.) in the Early Horizon period of the Andean regions. At some point in time the art form notably enters the Mesoamerican region at Izapa and takes Olmec Art down as a meaningless pursuit. As civilizations ebb and flow the Toltecs are noted to pick up the visual device (See top of Stella one at Tula and compare to Ramondi Stone at Chavin De Hauntar approximately 1000 years earlier and a continent away). Precise origination of the art form unknown; earliest tentacles (volutes) evident on pyro-engraved gourds trade items from the Valadia civilization (Ecuadorian region) 6000 years in the past which brings us closely to about the same time corn was genetically developed engaging three journeys between the Mesoamerican regions and the Andean Regions.) The above image is noted to have over 12 levels of perception, half of which require the usage of marijuana (see artists site for descriptions of perceptual discoveries). Recently the artist also discovered an automatic soft 3d color imagery design function evidently dealing with issues of bas-relief functions in which even a camera has started to record the event. Country: usa Birthyear: 1949 Galleries: Touche and X Galleries at BSU, MN. Awards: None yet but will accept Nobel Peace Prize Media: acrylic Style: other, Op Art Plus Subjects: light and color
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