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Antoon VerbeeckBiography: Antoon Verbeeck was born in Leuven (Belgium) in 1964. From 1984 to 1988 he studied painting and attended the workshops for experimental art at the Higher Institute for Art Education St. Lucas in Brussels. He now works as an independent artist. Next to his own paintings, he also produces commissioned work such as large murals or integrated art works for the interior. His work has often featured in illustrations and web design or has been used for projects of CD covers for Explicit Records in Brussels. After exhibitions in several galleries he was selected for the Europe prize for painting of the city of Ostend LESS = MORE How can that be? Well, look at the painting. What do you see more? The background? Yes, indeed. And because of that you see more of the object too. Funny, no? Take a look again, I'm not kidding... Why is that? Because of the solid central composition of the object that at the same time acts as the subject of the painting. This object/subject is reduced to its most essential form by the background, which is nothing more than an autonomous empty space. It will speak for itself. The Lonely Subjects of Antoon Verbeeck Country: Belgium Birthyear: 27/12/1964 Media: oil Style: other, minimal Subjects: other, Lonely subjects
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