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Olavi AhokasBiography: I started pretty late. It all started with a vacation trip to Rhode Island in Greece, where I met a girl from Dalecarlia in Sweden. To keep that story short, after that trip I bought my first sketchbook and after additional sketchbook or two I started to draw on larger sheets of paper. Some of the earlier works got a bit of recognition on local exhibitions in upper Dalecarlia. When I finally moved to the area I switched to watercolors and have had some exhibitions to 1998. And the local media have had nice reviews from my exhibitions. In 1999, I have taken some time off from painting, just temporarily to learn more about computers and about this new media. After a pretty large scale project of making a new web-page to the Dalecarlian community of Mora, I plan to go back to painting. My interest in mountainous landscapes is fairly well presented on my Art page section of my home page. Media: drawing Style: realistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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