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Walter ArnoBiography: Arno started as a painter and graphic artist. Towards the end of the fifties he began to work on sculptures, at first made of wood, then he turned to metal. He developed also an interest in the applied area (containers, mirrors etc.), in which he can use both his talents as a sculptor and graphic artist. Arno does not accept an hierarchy in his work - the different working fields stimulate each other. Experiences of the painter influence the work of the sculptor, paintings and graphic art show dimensions unthinkable without the experiences of the sculptor. In his huge workshop he uses the knowledge of an engineer and a metallurgist, with the skill of an experienced technician and welder. To work with his own hands is essential, it creates ideas "which would never be born without the dialogue with the work in progress." Gerda Stelzer, his pupil and co-worker of many years creates cutleries and jewellery according to his form principles. Country: Germany Birthyear: 1930 Galleries: Berlin, Galerie Rosen; Paris, Cercle Volnay, Druant; Berlin, Haus am Waldsee; Hamburg, Kunsthaus; Tokyo, "Metallic Formative Art Institute"; Worpswede, Alte Molkerei; Berlin, Rathaus Reinickendorf; Oldenburg, Landesmuseum im Schloss; Landesmuseum Schleswig-Holstein, Kunsthalle Kiel; Galerie Depelmann, Hannover-Langenhagen; Lüchow, Galerie Herrenhaus Colborn; Uetersen, Werkhof; Rock - Ville (USA), City Art Museum; Japan, World International Art Exhibition; Elmshorn, Torhaus/Rathaus; Awards: Media: sculpture Style: abstract Subjects: geometric shapes
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