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Vincent ReedBiography: I began life back in the mid 1960ís, a child of the modern dawn. As a young child I grew up within the school system of secondary & comprehensive education. I was always drawing and used to accompany my written work with little pictures which really told my story, much better that my literal attempts. As I entered my teenage years I was strongly influenced by the cultural power of British music and fashion. Central London became a place of excitement where I could embrace the latest trends, explore lively clubs and listen to amazing live music. I found many interesting pastimes like antiques, fishing & cycling, but one of my favourites was always drawing and making things. Electrical Engineering After Leaving school at seventeen I joined a government sponsored youth training apprenticeship scheme specializing in electrical engineering. This was a great opportunity to learn all about the mechanics of machining combined with electronics, working to tolerances of precision engineering & tooling. After passing my exams, I started working for British Telecom as a telecommunications engineer based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Later I continued working on Ministry of Defence contracts for a number of years. St Albans School of Art & Design At that time a good friend of mine, namely Jon Stone, exclaimed he was going to Art College. As he spoke about this new venture I saw his eyes light up and realized his passion for what was coming. As I sat there listening, I remember saying to him, if only I could do something like that. Art College seemed a million miles away from someone like me. However I felt the calling to have a go and began to make inquiries about how I could join the art school. I spent that summer preparing my drawings and took them to be critiqued and studied. My art teachers were so positive & kind, and offered me a place as a mature student within St Albans Art School at a foundation level in Art & Design. I canít remember being so excited; each morning I would bounce out of bed ready to start a new day mixing with like-minded creative people and stay there working until closing. At the end of the term which finished so quickly I presented my collection of paintings at the end of term exhibition. It was a compilation of impressionist oil paintings from my trips to the Lake District, loosely based on the work of Monet, Van Gogh and contemporary artists such as Mark Rot... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: UK Birthyear: 1967 Galleries: Saatchi Art Gallery Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: landscapes and nature
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