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Val BishopBiography: Once upon a time, there was a very small red-haired, freckled face girl who found herself conscious at 4 years old staring at a beautifully illustrated bear family in a storybook while her mother was reading to her. She could not take her eyes off the delightfully inviting pages. Her mother drifted off to sleep and so the little girl had the book all to herself. She used a tiny forefinger to trace around the perfectly rendered illustrations while checking out all the fine details of eyes, fur and surroundings. She would have climbed inside if she could have…so she did it mentally. She had earlier memories of pure cognizance, but that particular day her mind was forever indelibly marked with the effect of those wonderful realistic renderings. At 9 years old she would take a brown bag lunch and catch the streetcar. Her family home was a few houses from the end of the line. She would ride west from the suburb, into the city, through downtown to the far southeast side, exit the streetcar and walk to the Art Museum. The grounds were beautiful with blooming flowers, huge oak trees and a ‘fairy-tale’ pond with white ducks inhabiting the cool waters embellished with giant water lilies. Other residents were cattails and tall undulating feathery grasses that offered hiding places for bullfrogs, jeweled koi and imaginary little people mounted on prancing steeds. Legions of dragonflies sporting iridescent colors enthusiastically darted about over the pond managing not to collide into one another. The young artist walked respectfully up and down those marble corridors of the Art Museum gazing with astonishment at the great art she would forever carry in her heart. Countless times within a 3 years period she made those ‘art trips’ all by herself. Little freckle face always sneaked 3 or 4 extra pieces of the store bought sliced white bread into the brown bag so the ducks could lunch with her. She laughed at the ducks’ antics of trying to catch the spongy white bread before it hit the water and dissolved into nothing. They caught on quickly. Some city slickers protested when we couldn’t spread real peanut butter on the new “all the rage” light white bread. So the commerce people retaliated by loading peanut butter with sugar syrup and other stuff so the white bread wouldn’t tear apart in your hand while trying to spread the new doctored up “half real” peanut butter. A forecast of food tampering in America! Freckle face grew up spending part of ... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: USA Birthyear: 1936 Media: mixed media Style: symbolic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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