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Travis Yarger aka NeptuneBiography: I've had lots of training in art; Minneapolis art school, Joslyn art museum, U.T.I., High school, self taught airbrush artist, digital art training, etc. Lot's of awards and some publications. I have been selling artwork in the Omaha area since 1996. I paint various subjects, styles, and use different mediums. These include surrealistic, abstract, sci-fi, fantasy, realism, low-brow, wildlife, parody and cartoon images. Sometimes I dabble in sculpture. I usually paint with acrylics and sometimes I do black light paintings. I sign my wildlife paintings Travis Wayne Harbert which is my birth name. Neptune is my chosen artist name for all other art. My digital works are very different than my hand paintings. Country: United States Birthyear: 03/18/71 Galleries: Body Art,Studio 906,The Magic Theatre, Hugo's Gallery, Twizted Elementz and on the net at I also have original artwork for sale on Awards: blue ribbon awards, totem awards, artistic achievement awards and some different gallery awards. Media: acrylic Style: mystical Subjects: other, Various styles including abstract, wildlife, surrealism.
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