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Todd FoxBiography: Todd Dayton Fox was born in Phillipsburg, Kansas in 1972. At the age of three, Todd and his family moved to Ellinwood, Kansas, where he was raised. He considers Ellinwood to be his childhood home. As a young child, Todd was always fascinated with everything that allowed him to use his imagination to the fullest. Todd loved anything unusual and creative. At a very young age, Todd's older brother, Monty, introduced him to many musical bands, such as Pink Floyd, Rush, and Styx. To this day, music continues to be a big inspiration to Todd and his art. Through the age of 19, Todd studied art from Mr. Edgar Sturtz. After high school, Todd continued his education in the mechanical arts and computer drafting. Later he would study 3D modeling, 3D animation and cartooning. While most of Todd's work is on the "realist" side, he loves to explore the impressionistic and surrealistic side as well. Currently, Todd is working on his "Portrait of the Passion" collection. An eight chapter series of paints about the Passion of Christ for a new generation of art lovers. Just a few of Todd's greatest art influences: * Austin Fox - Todd's father. * Carolee Nesbitt - Todd's aunt and sister to Austin Fox. * Edgar Sturtz - Art instructor from Ellinwood, Kansas. * David Gilmour - English musician and songwriter. Also, from the musical group Pink Floyd. * Salvador Dali - Spanish surrealistic painter. Died January 23, 1989. * Gary Larson - Cartoonist of "The Far Side." Country: United States Birthyear: 1972 Media: acrylic Style: surrealistic
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