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TAPAN KARBiography: ...Tapan Kar the famous artist and painter of our time, apart from his being acknowledged as a poet, an author of several books on art and literature, was born in West Bengal in the year 1954. I have visited Tapanís studio for a write-up on his paintings his ensuing exhibitions at different centers of our our country Ė from Delhi to Chennai, Gujrat to Bangalore. I will like to share my experience with the readers of this article on how I access Tapan as an artist in view of how I Saw him grow over last three decades. After his school days, Tapan went straight to the Govt. Art collage for admission. He did not even try other option. He had no brush of his own, the right sketch pencil or an eraser either to compete with the affluent boys in the admission test. But he got though. He succeeded. He always dreamt from his childhood he would become an artist. He had all devotions and dedications. He plunged headlong to reach the goal. He never look behind. Tuned with the turmoil and spirit of the 70s, he edited little mags, spent hours and hours together of our vibrant youth. He wanted to became an author. But tapanís efforts did not end with his pen. He wanted to be a painter. The proverb goes Ė poetry follows paintings. The strongest point of Tapan Kar, as as painter, lies in his powerful drawing. If drawing poor or sub-standard color cannot compensate or make good for the same. His might in drawing own fame and fans. Fantastic his paintings? The reaction is probably bit mixed. The critics belong to deferent schools of thoughts. In the name if modern art we learn to judge or appreciates a piece of art a painting a ketch, a drawing a sculpture by bester n parameters. Tapan was and remains too conceptually dear all along about what he wanted or wants to communicate and how. This helped Tapan consolidate his conviction and standpoint with the passage of time to where he is now. Tapan in his career privilege to tour the Bengal villages afar and near extensively in the capacity of a field investigator of the Kolkata University in the lade 70s and early 80s. He deeply observed by places and people. With the teaching of Tarapada santra and others he also developed his interest in folk culture and art. This again deeply influenced the forms and contents of his Art. Tapan is never unnecessarily difficult. His work are not made difficult for a modern logo endorsed by a so- called elite. ( Itís ... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: india Birthyear: 1969 Media: watercolor Style: impressionistic Subjects: light and color
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