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Stephen RiversBiography: Artist from Southern California Stephen Rivers Stephen Rivers was born 1967 at Saint Mary Hospital in Long Beach, California. He is the proud son to Mr. Clyde Rivers and Mrs. Delores Rivers. He has been a resident of Southern California all his life except for the occasional deployments for the United States Air Force. Stephen Rivers has lived throughout southern California from Los Angeles, down to San Diego County. He now resides in Rancho Santa Margarita for the past 10 years. Since Stephen was a child living in Huntington Beach he has always been drawing and painting a personal diary in paints and graphite. When his family moved to Orange he transferred to El Modena High School with the encouragement from his Art teacher Mrs. Donna Banning Stephen showed his art at a variety of High School art exhibits. But after high school was over he went back to paintings his diary for his viewing pleasure only. That changed in 2004 Stephen started exhibiting his art once again from the encouragement from co-workers. He has always had great talent in creating artistic and meaningfully and playful works of art with many traditional symbols and a great deal of personal hidden meanings which are mostly still encrypt to Stephen imagination only. Stephen has been quoted saying “I prefer to have my mystery to myself….and let other people create in there minds there own mystery of who I’m when they view my painted diary” Most of his Art school has been self taught. But his academic work began when Stephen was in High School, he always experimented with styles. His High School teacher Mrs. Donna Banning from El Modena High School advised Stephen that she can not teach him anything new due to he had already the excelled beyond his High School age. She encouraged Stephen to take course outside of High School to increase his abilities she even encourage him to start taking Life drawing and painting classes. Even thou that intrigued him he knew he could never take any outside classes due to it being financial out of his reach. Stephen had to rely on his street smart artistic talents until he had a job to pay for schooling to attend such courses. But because of finances Stephen choose the path of a career like his father and became an accountant. He starts out his career as an account but changed around the end of the 1990s to working with computers that gave him a small boost of creativity and now phasing in his career as a professional artist. Along with th... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: U.S.A. Birthyear: 1967 Galleries: Artist Showcase VI August 11th, 2007 at Triangle Square Costa Mesa, California Costa Mesa Triangle Square August 2007 PDF file ________________________________________________ RAMP Silent Art Auction Saturday June 30th, 2007at 3666 16th Street, San Franscico, California RAMP silent Art Auction June 2007 PDF file ________________________________________________ Artist Showcase V March 10th - 18th, 2007 at the Artery at the Lab Costa Mesa, California (INFO ABOUT THE SHOW FROM THE ARTIST - This art pieces is currently being shown in Costa Mesa at the Lab at the Artesy in southern California. It will be showing till March 18th, 2007. This pieces is of a friend of mine named Tisha. Tisha has was given a nick name of Lady Jack for the simple reason that when we were in europe she would carry around a backpack with one bottle of coca-cola and one large bottle of Jack Danielle. the picture you see above is from a picture i took of here when we were in Paris. I have done a few paintings from the one source and I'm sure I will continute to doing this series for awhile. The Picture comes from when we were both in Paris and we were both tired I asked Lady Jack to turn and TRY... to smile. Tisha gave me me a photo that still just explodes my mind and love to still explore with different styles.) Costa Mesa Artery March 2007 PDF file ________________________________________________ Huntington Beach Art Center Annual Non-Juried exhibition January 20th 2007 - February 18, 2007 HB Art Center Jan-Feb 2007 PDF FILE Past Exhibits flyers and what was shown for the year 2006 The Arts Council of Temecula Valley City presents 16th Annual Arts in the Country Festival May 2006 Juried Art show Temecula Art Jury Show 2006 PDF FILE Huntington Beach Art Center Annual Non-Juried exhibition January 21stth 2006 - February 26th, 2006 HB Art Center Jan-Feb 2006 PDF FILE Past Exhibits flyers and what was shown for the year 2005 Due to Military obligation I was not able to show this year Past Exhibits flyers and what was shown for the year 2004 Jammin at the 112th Orange County Fair Grounds July 9th - August 1, 2004 OC Fair Grounds 2004 PDF FILE The Arts Council of Temecula Valley City presents 16th Annual Arts in the Country Festival May 2004 Juried Art show Temecula Art Jury Show 2004 PDF FILE Media: mixed media Style: abstract, Xismtic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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