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Sk Hanny Biography: SK Hanny was born in Klaten, Central Java in 1975. This young artist learned to sketch while she was still a student in middle school, and started to paint in earnest once she had graduated from school. She found that she enjoyed and felt happy while paintings. Hanny established her intricate technique through experimentation. She uses a circular motion to develope the delicate shading. It is that make her work exquisite in close observation. SK Hanny's technique is quite unique and uses PEN (Rotring) on Paper or Canvas. The technique's all of the objects uses circular. "THE BLACK AND WHITE", The circles reflecting the fact that in this world everything moves round; "THE BLACK AND WHITE" reflecting the fact that in this world, there is good and the bad. And everything will be fine so that " If Black is Black and White is White, also It does not mean that Black is always Bad. You know "IT'S LIFE". Country: Indonesia Birthyear: 9-June-1975 Galleries: 1995 Duet Show at Tjendana Paradise Hotel, Legian Kuta 1997 Show at Panorama Hotel, Ubud 1998 Group Exhibition at Panorama Gallery, Ubud 1998 Group Exhibition "WOMEN SEEING MEN" at Seniwati Showspace, Ubud 1999 Group Exhibition at DPD RAI, Denpasar Bali 1999 Group Exhibition "PAINTER IN PAIRS" at Pranoto Gallery, Ubud Group Show "WOMEN ON WOMEN" at Seniwati Showspace, Ubud Group Exhibition "SAVE THE BALI STARLING" at Seniwati Showspace, Oberoi Bali Expo 2000 Germany 2000 Solo Exhibition at Archipelago Cafe and Restaurant, Ubud 2000 Group Exhibition Seniwati at TIM, Jakarta 2001 Solo Exhibition at Seniwati Showspace, Ubud 2001 Group Exhibition " BUNGA - BUNGA BALI" at Kuta Center Awards: 2004 30 Finalists Art price Sovereign foundation in Hongkong Media: drawing, Circle Inks Pen Style: other, Decoratife Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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