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Sally TruemanBiography: My commissioned portraits reflect my interest in colour and light. I believe drawing is a fundamental activity and, as such it, underpins my work that is figurative. My portrait and figurative work is built on anatomical accuracy. As a portrait artist, each portrait that I painted must reveal something original about the sitter. I want my painting to resonate with the presence of the individual, so I need to understand the sitter's fundamental nature before I can translate that into a painting or drawing. If it is a copy of a painting then I try to capture the light, movement or the emotion in the original painting. My own non-commissioned oil paintings reflect a mixture of realism, abstraction and light. These oil paintings are multi-layered with strong dramatic brushstrokes that gives them texture; the paint is built up slowly, at differing depths, and on several planes. Each piece can seem to have several meanings, which may be interpreted in different ways by individual viewers. Often my artwork is based around a theme, resulting in several related paintings. All of my paintings involve a sense of light and movement Country: France Birthyear: 1960 Galleries: Solo exhibitions 1977 Pavillion Gallery Brighton, England 1978 Pavillion Gallery Brighton, England 1979 Pavillion Gallery Brighton, England 1981 Pavillion Gallery Brighton, England 1982 Pavillion Gallery Brighton, England 1983 Pavillion Gallery Brighton, England 2000 Maison du Chevalier- Carcassonne, France 2000 Galerie Jiggs, Lézignan. France 2001 Galerie Jiggs, Lézignan. France 2002 Galerie Jiggs, Lézignan. France 1980-1990: Pastel drawings were sold at Christies, Sotheby's, Bonhams, London. (Under the pseudonym Henrich Stoltz.) Group exhibitions 1983-1992: The Pavillion Gallery Brighton, England 1999: Barbara Woods Exhibitions, Poole, England 2001 Maison du Chevalier- Carcassonne, France 2001 Société des Pastellistes de France 2001 Le Biblion, Toulouse, France. 2001 Major portrait prize, Paris, France, for the commissioned portrait of Zinedine Zidane. 2001 Exhibited at The International Art Exhibition, 5259 Boulouard St. Laurent, Montreal, Canada. Pastel portrait of "Nacera" was awarded a gold medal. 2001 Galerie Encadra, Paris 2001 Galerie Jiggs, Lézignan.France 2002 Galerie Encadra, Paris. 2002 Pézenas, France Awards: The International Art Exhibition Canada 2001, for portrait of "Nacera" Zinedine Zidane; Head Study, Oil and pastel on card.60 cm x 34 cm Won first prize "l'Art et le Sport" exibition. Paris France 2001 Media: drawing, Oil painting Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters, Landscapes: light and colour
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