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STEPHEN CHARLES LONGBiography: Born in Texas during the early fifties, my life was always immersed in the creative process; writing, art, and music. The positive reactions of sharing my endeavors has felt like a calling to my spirit. As footsteps of my soul I must follow. Mystic aspects of life and its experiences made for good subject matter. Publications over the past twenty years include numerous poetry anthologies and international publications. Several awards, the most recent from International Library of Poetry, The Editors Choice Award February 2004 MEDIUMS INCLUDE SKETCHES AND DIGITAL WORK. OFFERING ART OF THE MYSTIC.A FEELING, A MOOD; WHERE IMAGES CAN REFLECT OR INSPIRE.WHERE WORDS COULD MOVE THE SOUL. A PLACE FOR DREAMING. HOME PAGE TO "MYSTIC POEMS" JUST RELEASED NEW BOOK FROM STEPHEN CHARLES LONG. INTERNATIONAL AWARD WINNING AUTHOR AND ARTIST. Country: USA Birthyear: 1953 Awards: EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD, INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY OF POETRY. WORLD OF POETRY, GOLDEN POET 1988-1991, WHO'S WHO OF POETRY 1990,INCLUSION IN THE TIME CAPSULE "PEGASUS" AT THE WORLD OF POETRY HALL OF FAME. DISTINGUISTED MEMBER AWARD FROM INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF POETS. CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR SONGWRITER, HOLLYWOOD SONG JUBILEE 1991 Media: written word, MIXED MEDIA, DRAWINGS DIGITAL ART AND WRITTEN WORD Style: mystical, MANY SUBJECTS
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