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SANJAY KUMARBiography: Life like an endless ocean is a perpetual phenomenon of nature. Nature manifests itself in every action and activity of life with all it's diversities. The spectrum of life has a massive energy for creation and makes a man able to identify himself within his own being. When a flash of self realization encompasses my inner world which is full of mysterious dialougues. I find my scattered images assemble and transform into the reverberating voice of my soul. sanjay kumar Born in Allahabad-INDIA. M.A in fine arts[drawing and painting ]Awards inter university competition-[1st in painting ]Association of Indian universities new Delhi inter- university competition- [1st in collage association of indian universities, new Delhi national competition, association of indian universities, newDelhi-won silver medal.participated in numerous group and solo shows. paintings in private collections both in INDIA and abroad. rpg-group, reliance and gooderejgroup Country: INDIA Birthyear: 02-10-1961 Galleries: Jhanghir art gallery-mumbai, Galleria-Mumbai, Shri dharani art gallery- NEW DELHI and differnt art galleries INDIA and abroad Awards: given above Media: oil, DRAWING Style: symbolic, SURREALISTIC Subjects: people, portraits and characters, OTHER SUBJECTS
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