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Rogerio SilvaBiography: Rogerio Silva born in 1962 in Lisbon, Portugal. Studys of painting and drawing in National Society of Fine Arts - Lisbon, Studys of drawing in ARCO - Lisbon, Studys of Art Print in Cooperativa Diferença - Lisbon. My paintings talk about the moments when we look the things all around us and that things stop in front of us has a photo memories. In a group of paintings it looks like a story, a narrative of a movie, our memories of youth. One by one they capture our attention and put our phisical body into them. Country: Portugal Birthyear: 1962 Galleries: Gallery Novo Século - Lisbon - Portugal Gallery Monumental - Lisbon - Portugal Gallery Diferença - Lisbon - Portugal Gallery Quatro - Leiria - Portugal Awards: 3rd Prize • Exibition of Young Painters Gallery Multiface - Lisbon - Portugal 3rd prize • Prize Soctip Young Painters - Lisbon - Portugal Media: acrylic Style: expressionistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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