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Richard von WennerveldBiography: Biography: Vita 1964 born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany 1982 –1985 Education as a Multimedia Designer 1985 –1989 woking in international Commercial Agencies, for example in NewYork /USA and Solothurn/CH 1989-1994 Freelancer as a Typograph und Multimedia- Produktioner in the Rhein-Main-Area for well known companies since 1994 selfemployed with a Media and Design Agency, in Frankfurt, Germany. Company name: SMS-Frankfurt, Agentur für digitale Medien 1995 starting with Bodypainting and digital Composing, first Exhibition at the Trade "Premiere" in Frankfurt am Main; 1996-2001 Exhibitions in Frankfurt und Rhein-Main-Area; changing Exhibitions in different companies 1998 "EUROPEAN DESIGN ANNUAL " for Print- and Textile-Campagne of the Frankfurt AIDS-Foundation 1999 Single Exhibition "Pixel Impressionen " at the Nebbienschen Gartenhaus (24th Januar til 17th Februar 1999); many Bodypainting-Events lounch of the first CD-ROM Catalouge Katalog Exhibiton at the Digital Art Gallery in Frankfurt/Main, "Freunde der Galerie " (8th November til 3rd December 1999) 2000 Bodypainting- and Photography-Workshop of NIKON Exhibition at the Frankfurt Bookfair, Oktober 18-23, 2000 2001 Exhibition at the Company TRITON-STUDIO, Frankfurt (since Mai 2001) lounch of the second CD-ROM Catalouge "Bodypainting" Comming Exhibition at the Frankfurt Bookfair (10.-15. Oktober 2001) Country: Germany Birthyear: 1964 Galleries: Pixel Gallery, Frankfurt Frankfurter Artistsclub, Frankfurt Nebbiensches Gartenhaus, Frankfurt Digital Art Gallery, Frankfurt International Center, Frankfurt Awards: European Design Award, 1998, England Media: photography, Bodypainting and Bodyart Style: fantasy Subjects: people, portraits and characters Country: Germany Birthyear: 1964 Galleries: Digital Art Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany Nebbiensches Gartenhaus, Frankfurt, Germany Pixel Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany Awards: European Design Award, 1999, UK Media: photography, Lightinstallation / Metall Prints Style: surrealistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters, Bodyart and Bodypainting
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