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Richard LazzaraBiography: Art for the Soul @ KEY KOVER Art for the Soul by RICHARD LAZZARA Country: United States of America Birthyear: 1951 Galleries: Alan Stone Gallery,NYC 1973 Brata Gallery,NYC 1972 Hansen Gallery NYC 1975 Shankar Gallery Boulder,CO. NOW Aames Gallery NYC 1976 Roko Gallery NYC 1977 Chuck Levitan Gallery NYC 1975 Mirol Gallery Monaco NOW New York Studio School Gallery Master Goldsmith Gallery,Boulder 1983 Ligne Roset Gallery Denver 1984 Media: computer or digital art, Painting,Drawing,Sculpture,Poetry,Book,Photography,Oils,Watercolor,Mixed Media,Computer Media. Style: visionary, Art for the Soul,Home to Lingam,Yatra,Yantra,Mandala,Black Kala,Mahasamadhi,Sumie Doors,Advaita Minatures,Nada Series,"YOG MOUNTAIN RIVERS TO SEA",Key Kover,Richard W. Lazzara Drawing Painting Sculptu Subjects: light and color, Art for the Soul,Home for Lingam,Yatra,Yantra,Mandala,BlacKala,MahaSamadhi,Sumi-e Doors,Advaita Miniatures,Nada Series,"Yog Mountain Rivers to Sea",Key Kover, Drawing Painting Sculpture
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