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Raymond La MotteBiography: My existential experience and artistic production is scored by a search and a polyhedral and multiform work, across the meanders of society. Art is for me, a form of free expression, which must lead to communication between individuals, this is a basic concept for me. The sensations and inspirations that let me take are reflected in the expression, and this is realized in a photograph, in a framework, a video, in performing action, in an installation. So, My work moves gravitating in visual and performing Arts. I choose and I use different materials, tools and means. then I apply different experiences and techniques for creating an artwork. My work can be instantaneous, like a photo click, a snapshot; but it can be also progressive, like a video, such as a installation, un montage. Therefore, I need to interact with other forms of language, so I run photography, video -installation, -performance, -dance. In the sense that I like creating developing a narrative form, or to break the narrative to create an abstract structure. It is a research taken from different themes, which all lead back to the form of object abstraction. Country: Germanz Birthyear: 25.07.1957 Media: photography, Multi Media, Mixed Media, Video, installation, visual Style: abstract, Conceptual, Realistic, expressionistic, Subjects: people, portraits and characters, cityscapes, light and Color,Nature, objets,
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