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Pritika James Biography: Artist Profile Name: Pritika James Born in Fiji Educated in New Zealand Currently enrolled at Chisholm Insitiute Dandenong,Victoria,Australia Majoring in Painting and Printmaking also minor studies in photography and drawing. Artist Statement Focusing on my own identity as a subject matter, my artwork largely consists of abstract self-portraits. The depicting of colour and patterns in my own culture and identity as a Fijian Indian and the diversity of cultures by which Iím surrounded.The main technique I use in the construction of my artwork, is the building up of colours, and of Pacific and Asian inspired motifs. My interest in the detail and intricacy of design on Indian fabrics in particular, is reflected in the patterns, shapes, in the movement of brush strokes, and the tension and drama in the compiostion. Shapes and forms are different in each artwork, and the pace changes from franetic to sedate. Visually stimulating and culturing challenging my artwork aims to mesmirise the viewer.My intention is the viewer should be able to discover something new, with each glance at each piece whilst still retaing a cohesive whole. Country: Australia Birthyear: 1983 Galleries: J-Space centre for contemporary. 121 Stud rd. Dandenong rd. Heritage Hill Museum, James st. Dandenong Media: acrylic Style: abstract Subjects: other, Identity
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