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Peter J CaleyBiography: PETER J CALEY Peter J Caley Professional Artist Since 1988. Has evolved a very unique technique and his work is entirely free hand. Enjoys the challenge of large-scale works and has a style that could only be described as inspirational realism. His delicate use of colour and brush technique Has spent many years concentrating on wild life and portraits. Until Recently ,was mostly an independent Artist and sold art from His Studio, commissions made up a large part but always staying in touch with different Galleries. Since returning to New Zealand 1998 was sponsored to paint a New Zealand native and cultural Exhibit. Has been in many newspaper articles and television, radio appearances through out his career. Including his Public Television Stand for Nudity in Art Channel 9 Australia 1994. Training. West Australian Art School 1974/5.... Sydney. School of Portraiture.... Lee West: Auckland NZ 1984/5..... Many work shops with various Artists and schools...... Examples: Clifton Pugh...... Individual studies of old masters and techniques Exhibits: Sydney (Australia) Paddington Art Gallery: Brisbane (Australia) Sunny Bank.... Queensland (Australia), Towoomba Art gallery. (5 paintings, joint exhibit Artists Sowry /Kevin Best/ Pro Heart)....... Gold Coast (Australia) Mirage Resort, invitation Artist. (Joint exhibit Pickering)......... Kingaroy (Australia) Burnett Art Gallery. (14 paintings joint exhibit with John Spies)....... Rotorua (New Zealand) Te Maori Art Gallery (21 paintings solo)....... Auckland (New Zealand) Television New Zealand Atrium (TVNZ)(22 paintings solo)........ Presently Represented by "THE ART HOUSE" Gallery ChristChurch, New Zealand " Ko Mauria: the Star of the Exhibit, Mauria lived in Te Puke, one of the last kuia to have a traditional MokoTATOO, shown here over a hundred years old wearing her great grandfathers Manaia (type of green stone Tiki). . Medium Oil on canvas. SIZE 24" BY 30" Country: New Zealand Birthyear: 1957 Galleries: The Art House Gallery ChristChurch New Zealand Media: oil Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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