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Ojars LasmanisBiography: b 1941, Riga, Latvia Ojars Lasmanis was born on 6 April, 1941, in Riga, Latvia, into a prosperous merchant family. His father, Janis A. Lasmanis, was age 32; his mother, Zinaida Lasmanis, was age 28 and his brother, Raymond Lasmanis, was age 3. Besides being a respected family in Riga, the family members were involved in the arts. His father was an artist and as a young man, painted and sold his works throughout Riga. His mother was a master pianist. His uncle was a concert violinist in Riga and performed throughout Europe. Near the end of WW II, Ojars and family retreated south to the central part of Europe during the German retreat from Russia. Traveling south by any means possible, with little food and only the clothing and possessions that could be carried. At the end of WW II, Ojars and his family were placed in housing by the Americans in the town of Esslingen, Germany. On April 6, 1950, Ojars Lasmanis and his family arrived in New York to start a new life. During his adolescent life, he demonstrated his ability to excel in art, science, and mathematics. He won first prize in every science competition. Mathematics was logical and easy to understand. His oil paintings reflected realism and modern interpretation of personal experiences. After graduation from High School, he utilized his artistic talents by working as a draftsman to produce complex 3D images of architectural concepts. After completing his service obligations, he worked in the computer industry as a hardware & software developer. In his later years, he was instrumental in the development of innovative strategic mathematical predictive models that can forecast consumer and business behaviors. In his later years he completed his Bachelors of Science and a Master of Art degrees. For the past nine years, Ojars has persuaded his love for the arts with passion. He studies every aspect, technique, style, color, etc. of some of his favorite masters; Degas, Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, G. Harvey and even Rubens. He has a passion to observe and immerse himself in all aspects of people, nature, form, color, etc. in order to capture the moment and provide his interpretation on canvas. Ojars works receive excellent reviews both from his followers and professional art critics. His friends and enthusiasts provide the inspiration to paint and create his wonderful works on canvas for all to enjoy. Media: oil Style: impressionistic Subjects: landscapes and nature
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