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Moustafa Al-HatterBiography: Artist Statement The important change of my pictorial background took place In the Caribbean, I found myself immersed in the tropical light, which suggested an approximation and rediscovering of color, but the big change happened in Egypt I was touched by its ancient civilizations. Maybe the transformation in Egypt and in the Caribbean was due to the accumulation of remembrances of my travels to different countries all over the world that were finally settled and allowed the technical and stylistic form of my painting. Moreover I began to capture those magical and mysterious moments of life, from the obvious that can be seen by my eyes, to the visionary that is perceived by my heart and soul. In my work of art, I abandon the representation of reality, and stayed away from mundane affairs. There is an intention to paint from my memory, which gathers and moulds the remembrance of travels, promenades in mysterious old civilizations, and in tropical latitudes. The conventional means of expression is put aside, thus allowing spontaneity with the intention of preserving directness and originality of the living experience. I have placed my art into compartments, while maintaining a sense of unity. The small painted panels project a microcosm, each of which emerges from a wide rectangular background, suggesting the macrocosm. Moreover, the small panels reveal a subtle intention to represent the finite world in which we live, and to project it as the result of the infinite creation. Painted compartments differ in shape, movement and palette, sometimes suggesting the discontinuity of the cosmos. Nevertheless, I seek the impressions of the infinite world. I abandon the easel for the table, on which I can place larger panels, and meet the need for more room and full control. I like to increase both the size of the surface to be painted, as well as the area in which I display the activity. One senses that these paintings represent an achievement in a wider context that of the simple support surface. I do not use color to paint, but to give the spiritual and musical sensation which flows from my enigmatic interior. In other words, I reach the heart of the observer by intensifying all the colors of my palette, thus allowing the mind to find peace and harmony. One of my concerns is to establish the unity color-movement in order to turn the painted space into a piece of art. In addition to the process o... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: USA Birthyear: 1948 Galleries: SELECTED EXHIBITIONS ONE-PERSON EXHIBITIONS: 2005 January 9th to 20th, the main art hall of Al Ahram Newspaper, Cairo, Egypt. 2004 July 5th to 14th, the main hall of Opera House in Cairo, Egypt. 2003 June 18th to July 20th , at ‘Biblioteca Nacional de Panama’ the National Library of Panama, Panama City, Panama. 2001 March 26th to April 28th, exhibition at “El Museo de Art Contemporaneo de Panama’’ the Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama City, Panama. 2000 May 20th to June 7th, at “Casa Museo del Banco Nacional de Panama". Panama City, Panama. 1998 November 16th to 30th at "Sala de Exposiciones del Instituto Cervantes", The Spanish Cultural Centre in Cairo, Egypt. 1997 May 22nd to July 27th, at “Biblioteca Central’’ de la Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela. 1996 April 11th to 26th, at “Universidad Catolica Andres Bello’’, Facultad de Humandidades y Educacion, Centro Loyola, Caracas. Venezuela. SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2005 February 7th to 21st, exhibition for diplomats in Shadicore Gallery Cairo, Egypt. 1997 May 10th, the Hall Pro-Venezuela, on the Day of the Plastic Artist in Caracas, Venezuela. 1996 August, the Art Hall, to celebrate the XXVI Anniversary of the Autonomous Institute of Maquetia International Airport, “Victor Milan Gallery”, Venezuela. 1996 July 6th , exhibition organized by the College of Venezuelan Architects, the Venezuelan Association of Plastic Architects, and the Piquer Foundation with seat in Caracas, Venezuela. 1991 August, a collective exhibition organized by the Embassy at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala, Uganda. 1985 October, a collective exhibition organized by the Embassy at the Egyptian Culture Club (Nasser), Khartoum, Sudan. 1978 January, a collective exhibition organized by the Embassy at Holiday Inn Hotel, Monrovia, Liberia. 1975 August, a collective exhibition at El Ghory Cultural Palace, Cairo, Egypt. Awards: - Honorary member of the Association of Venezuelan Plastic Artist from 1996. - Member of the International Association of Plastic Artists, UNESCO, from 1997 up tell now. -Member of the Panamanian Association of Plastic Artists from 2000 up tell now. CATALOGS AND BOOKS: 2009: - Unlimited Abstraction: The Journey of Al Hatter Towards the infinite, published by AuthorHouse, USA, (under printing). 2005: - Light Inspirations: a catalogue for the exhibition at Al Ahram newspaper, from January 9th to 20th, Cairo, Egypt. 2004: - My Journey towards the Colors: a catalogue for the Exhibition at Opera House, from July 5th to 14th, Cairo, Egypt. 2003: - My Abstract Sculpture Paintings: a catalogue for the Exhibition at National Library of Panama, from June 18th to July 20th, Panama City, Panama. 2001: - Dimensiones Millenaries: a catalogue for the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary art, from March 26th to April 28th, Panama City, Panama. 2000: - La Danza Del Fuego: a catalogue for the exhibition at National Bank of Panama, from May 20th to June 7th, Panama City Panama. 1998: - Camino Al Sol: a catalogue for the exhibition at The Spanish Culture Center, from November 16th to 30th, Cairo, Egypt. 1997: - Camino Al Sol: a catalogue for the exhibition at The National Library of Venezuela, from May 22nd to July 27th, Caracas, Venezuela. 1996: - Fuera De Limites: a catalogue for the exhibition at The Catholic University Andres Bello, from 11th to 26th, Caracas, Venezuela. Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: geometric shapes
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