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Moira HillBiography: I've been drawing, painting, pastelling etc for as long as I can remember. All kids are like that, but most just get out of the habit as they grow up. I never did. So--I do it because I like it; I haven't a mission or a theory of what art should be, I see something I'd like to depict or think of an idea and a medium usually suggests itself, then I retreat to that place in a parallel dimension where time doesn't exist and all art is created, and when I come out I bring a new thing with me. I used to give my stuff away as presents and now I'm sort of sorry I did. I've just finished my first commission and now I'm able to make copies on my computer so I can sell it and keep it too. In fact I'm now starting to create digital art and my web site features both that and more traditional works. Country: UK Birthyear: 1950 Galleries: Local Art Group Media: other, pastel Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters, animals, plants and still life
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