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Mohammed Sherif Biography: I've been always a lover for arts, drawing, and painting. Since I was 6 years old I used to draw and paint .When I was at highschool I used to participate in big contests and won some prizes.And as I joined the university and entered the computer engineering faculty my interests in computers and specially software applications grew more. At year 1995 I began working on 3dstudio ver 4 the autodesk trademark. And I began studying it and to try to output my own imaginary ideas and I thought it was very powerful at that time. My age was 17 years old at the moment.And from that moment every single graphics application was between my hands I tried explore it more and more as a matter of fact to get used to it.And at last Found out it was adobe photoshop 3. And I kept catching with this wonderful program till now I am working with adobe photoshop 5.5 .I didn't go advanced that much with animation e.g: using 3dstudio max. Although I didn't study arts and I am a computer engineer graduate, I had always thought it was always a gift from god. And by arts we can show our feelings and emotions towards certain occasions and events by art works. And whenever I create a new art work it was after a certain idea in my head grew bigger and all I had to do is leave my hands work out with mouse safely to make this work come true at last. Many people say that digital art is not a real art since we digital artists have advanced tools between our hands and thats more easy than manual hand made art like photography, sculpture & painting.I've been always told that art can be expressed with any way.I usually like weird ideas and science fiction ones,where the more exciting and unknown things can be seen and it catchs the eye trying more effort to understand the idea of this art work. Country: Egypt Birthyear: 11 march 1978 Galleries: pegasus art gallery , world fine art , canada graphics , breaking art , 7 th international art photo contest in Japan ,Einduburgh Festival 2000 , International Web Masters Association,Independent Artist link. Awards: Golden Web Award for creativity and Design,Featured on cool site of the day , Artist of the week at Pegasus Art gallery,Screaming Art silver award, Canada Graphics , Cool site of day , Art Space 2000,Creativennue Award,Millenium gallery , Eidnburgh Millennium Festival 2000,Best Of the web Bronze Award , Arames Golden award , Pegasus Golden award. Media: computer or digital art Style: impressionistic Subjects: geometric shapes
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