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Michelle LeLeuxBiography: I've always been in love with creating artwork. In high school, I took art classes, and even though, I got discouraged when accidents happened to my paintings, my art teacher encouraged me to work with the mistake rather than start over. Some of my best works in school were known to me at first as disasters. I have worked in various offices settings because of my caring and excellent people skills. Some of those times drawing, when I was on phone calls. Being a single mother of a wonderful 11 yrs. old boy, I decided that I wanted to paint, again. I have used various mediums threw out my life time, but picking up a brush again has opened up my creative mind, yet again. I've been using an array of bright vibrant colors outline in black or dark color or not. Inspired by the "mola" framed fabric artistry that has been in my family ever since I can remember and now hangs in my own home. Some would say my art has a colorful Southwestern feel. Birthyear: 1968 Media: acrylic Style: spiritual
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