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Massimo RidolfiBiography: Massimo Ridolfi was born in Rome, Italy. His love for the Visual Arts and travel took him around the world "magnum bonum" , exploring and observing , learning all the way . His fascination with the Australian landscape and cosmopolitan lifestyle has lead to the completion of a university degree and post-graduate qualifications . Massimo Ridolfi is an impressionistic artist , his work strives to bring to the fore a variety of elements from the past , present and future producing unique and exciting timeless masterpieces where colour and shape rule " de proprio motu " . Massimo Ridolfi has exhibited his work over the years in private and public exhibitions such as "The Archibald Prize Exhibition" of 2005 at the Art Gallery of NSW, and "Artists on Norton Exhibition" 2003 , 2005. "My work as an artist keeps me in touch with the beauty of life . Every new project is like being born again, seeing the world on a piece of canvas for the first time, every-time...." (Massimo Ridolfi 12/6/1993). Massimo Ridolfi is concerned mostly with any situation that he perceives as artistically significant and interprets in a very unique way using colour and form with such modalities that are easily distinguishable and recognisable . Landscapes , portraits of real or imaginary characters , sketches and drawings as well as photographic work form part of this artist's repertoire , using purposefully any kind of media that can bring forth his creations ..." labor omnia vincit " . The Massimo Ridolfi collection is now available for major museum exhibitions internationally or for outright purchase by interested State or private companies. Country: AUSTRALIA Galleries: Norton Street Annual Exhibition Private collections exhibitions Awards: N/A Media: oil Style: impressionistic Subjects: other, Various
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