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Marius Pierre CousinBiography: Marius Pierre Cousin was born on February 2, 1938 in Lyon (France), and presently lives in Juliénas, a small village in the Beaujolais vineyard region. Self-made man, he was barely 7 years old when he discovered watercolour with his father, also a painter. From this early experience he kept a taste for authenticity, and never parts from his little sketch pad on which he outlines, with a felt-tip, some water and a paintbrush, instant scenes that he later re-uses in his paintings. More than ten years ago he decided to have exhibitions, personally or with other painters. Be it the result of a landscape, a glimpsed silhouette or a face, emotion for him gives birth to painting. Although also practising oil-painting and drawing, he particularly likes water colour for its execution speed, its transparencies, its nuances, and the ceaseless fight between the pigment-loaded water and the paper. He looks for the shaft of light that makes the watercolour sing. Sometimes this gives rise to emotion, and enables the subtle link connecting the painting and the one looking at it... Marius Pierre Cousin holds regular exhibitions in France (Lyon, Macon, Villefranche, Morestel), and has private collections in Swiss, England, Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, Japan, and the USA. He is a member of the «Société des Aquarellistes Lyonnais» since year 2000. Country: FRANCE Birthyear: 1938 Media: watercolor Style: realistic Subjects: cityscapes, Flowers, nudes, lanscapes, people, still life
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