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Luthio di CéciroBiography: Using the techniques of Drawing Pen and Painting to Indian ink, the artist looks for to rescue the art and the technique of the old copistis of the medium age, that in one era prepress, cloistered at the monasteries they preserved the culture of the old world, allowing like this the Renaissance. Abandoned and forgotten after the invention of the press and the mistificação of the REASON, such works were relegated to the basements of the museums and libraries. The ransom of the Medium Age for the historiography, desconstruindo the myth of the medieval darkness, appears with the irresistible movement of the historical and philosophical revision of the paper of the Reason in the human society, particularly in the European Culture Modern Anglo-Saxônica. The ransom of this tradition reveals an infinitely creative world, numinoso and humanist, checking a new dimension to the man's paper in the universe, when it revalues the Ethical dimension and the depth of the human soul. “The individual's odd condition in the universe and the humanity's search through the creation.” EXHIBITIONS 1974–I WEEK OF ART AND CULTURE Municipal city hall of São Bento do Sul DEC–Department of Education and Culture shows Collective 1981 - 1ST EXPRESSARTE Dow Química S/A Guarujá–São Paulo shows Collective 1982–GALLERY SENAC OF NEW ARTISTS SENAC Santos - São Paulo Collective 1983–2ND EXPRESSARTE Dow Química S/A Guarujá–São Paulo 1st place: Work: Reflections 1983–GALLERY SENAC OF NEW ARTISTS SENAC Santos–São Paulo Collective 1998–YELLOWART Stores Yellowart Curitiba–Paraná Individual Science and Creation 1999–GALLERY SHOPPING MUELLER Shopping Mueller Curitiba–Paraná Individual Kritik gives reinen Vernunft or the powder-modernity of the Reason 1999–INFRAERO–International Airport Afonso Grieves São José of Pinhais - PR INDIVIDUAL The Powder-Modernadade of the Reason Since 1998 - GALERIA VIRUTAL / VIRTUAL GALLERY / INTERNET INFRAERO WHERE UOL–UNIVERSO ON LINE PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY ARTIST PLASTIC 28 years ago, working with the techniques of Beak- of-feather and painting to Indian ink. ARTIFEX develops your Work with the Art of the Dreams. ... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Brazil Birthyear: 1958 Media: drawing Style: fantasy, magic realism, alchemie Subjects: interiors
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