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Lavonne JacksonBiography: Lavonne was raised in Wainwright Alberta east of Edmonton. Lavonne came from an average family with 4 children. Raised around the craft industry, working in a hobby shop and helping with creating different items for sales from the early age of 8. For many years Lavonne was involved with Alberta Farmers Market in Brooks and Wainwright, both in Alberta. She has traveled to many cities to show her art. Growing up she was doing needlepoint, quilting and making her own clothes. For several years she displayed her work at the Bay in Calgary with other artists. Lavonne took up the art of Brazilian Embroidery became proficient at it and starting teaching several classes in Brooks and Wainwright area. And winning a few ribbons at country fairs was just a bonus. Being in the craft industry was not only an interesting and creative time but she was able to meet some very important people in her life. In 1983 she entered an art competition for the Town of Wainwright and won second prize for Ceramic four season plates, which are now displayed in the local Hospital. She graduated from High School in 1975 and then entered business courses at Grant McEwen College. Working for Mechanical Engineers and Lawyers in Edmonton and Calgary over the years, she missed the wide open pastures and the beauty that Mother Nature gave to our prairies. She now lives on a 10 acre farm south of Wainwright, and while walking with her 4 dogs she can seem to find many different odd shapes that Mother Nature has given. Lavonne took up whittling in 1980 and her first project was a beaver with a very long tail, which is still in her collection. She has done everything from knitting to wood carving and enjoys everything she attempts to do. A few of years ago she started carving Emu & Rhea Eggs. With raising these birds, there were always a lot of Eggs for carving projects. In 2005 she tried her hand at Tagnu Nuts and found them interesting. But the love of wood seems to inspire her to let her creativity go. Maybe she inherited it or just does it for the love of it. One of her treasures is an old rocking chair her grandfather made out of orange boxes for her grandmother in the late 1920's. A few years ago she picked up a piece of wood and started carving not sure what she was really doing but it started coming together. Self taught by doing seems to be the order, from Wood spirits, because of the character of them, to the whimsical houses and castles. Doesn't matter what the woo... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Canada Birthyear: May 26,1956
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