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Kalliope AmorphousBiography: Kalliope Amorphous is an artist working with the conceptual self-portrait photograph. Born in Providence, RI, she spent the bulk of her formative years in New York City, dabbling in everything from spoken word poetry to performance art. Her primary body of work has evolved into an exploration of the self-portrait photograph as a catalyst for exploring ideas of identity, gender, archetype and myth. Kalliope's previous incarnations in theater and performance art can be seen in her theatrical approach to lighting and costuming, as well as her character inspired images. Her work ranges from interpretations of pre-existing iconography to compositions meant purely to provoke and challenge perceptions and first impressions. Self-taught in photography, Kalliope takes an intuitive approach to composition and lighting and works without the aid of professional lighting or studio equipment. Makeup, costuming, photography, and post processing are all self-created. Country: USA Media: photography Style: other, Conceptual Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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