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J'meBiography: J'me Unique and Creative Artwork / Designs Using all mediums for expression Raised by a Celtic artistic Welsh Mother, in South Florida and Fathered by an Irish born Father. The youngest of three extremely talented sister's. Born in Chicago, Illinois September 12, 1955. Mother of two girls, Jena and Kortney and grandmother of one boy, Brett. All with artist talents of their own and raised here in Sylva, North Carolina "With the experience of love from the Creator, my family, children and friends. i have a sincere joy and firm desire to expand my love of the arts to it's fullest expression's. For many years i have had the calling to show others what is and has been within myself. After many life lessons and a near death experience, the time has come to invite those of you which are now and have been in my life, to join me on a journey. This journey is mine!" The piece that is being shown here is of the abstract form and is just a taste of what the entire show will be. Not all of the works are abstract. An assortment of style and mediums have been used. Each piece that has been created also has been given words. However these words will not be shared until the completion of the show. This first piece being shown is called "Reconcile" This is where the journey begins. The second piece to be shown is called "The Symbol " This is where the journey becomes the rest of my life. The name of the show, Journey Country: us Birthyear: 1955 Galleries: Jackson County Visual Arts Media: mixed media Style: abstract Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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