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Jeremy RobinsonBiography: Jeremy "Maya" Robinson often paints live amidst groups of people. Sometimes while he is painting, a calligraphist writes a meaningful phrase on the art work in a foreign language. Jeremy sometimes paints on people who sit for hours to be adorned. Many of his pictures are made in phases. The first phase being, just making a simple drawing or painting, then copies of that original. In the process he may use digital filters or machines to adjust color saturation, contrast, negative/position orientation and brightness. And, also, semi-transparent materials like cloth and paper. Sometimes he moves the original drawing while the copy is being made or draws on the copies or tears the copies into pieces pieces for collage. Once he has a print the process starts over: Collage of collage of collage for many many generations of images. Jeremy is a lover of plants, a musician and a traveler. He is available for murals, illustrations, portraits, design work and other commissions. Country: USA Birthyear: 1975 Galleries: Circle of Bliss, March 2011. A 24 hour synesthesia art show to honor brother Jere-Maya's art amid beautiful Malibu mountain peaks. Frequencies of life and love guided by mOOntribe, electriCocoon, and terrakroma mystics on the Ohm Guru Sound System. The Circle of Bliss occurs when the harmony between our inner male and female energies are in balance, allowing our higher unified awareness to unfold. Awards: Digital Color 2011 Artist. Media: drawing Style: visionary Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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